Sonic Prime showrunners have an animated pedigree that should thrill fans

Founded in 2000, Human Action Studios in his time had a hand in some pretty great projects that have become animation legends. The company has collaborated with Cartoon Network on series such as Ben 10 and Generator Rex, and has also worked closely with Disney on Disney XD productions such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Not to mention that many comic book titles also under the belt. With a track record like that, it’s safe to say that Sonic Prime couldn’t have fallen into better hands.

The summary of Man of Action more than speaks for itself, but that doesn’t mean those in it haven’t been looking for some outside guidance to help make Sonic Prime a success. Duncan Roulo of Man of Action tweeted that one of the biggest names in Sonic the Hedgehog media is Ian Flynnhelped him and the rest of the Netflix series team. “He advised and provided invaluable assistance,” Roulot wrote in October 2021 tweet when asked about Flynn’s involvement with Sonic Prime. tailings channel tried to get more information, but Roulo had nothing more to offer.

Between the trailer that fans couldn’t help but love (and everyone praises the same), folded voice compositionand a team of talented people behind the scenes, Sonic Prime is set to hit home runs when it releases in Winter 2022.

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