Son’s friend doesn’t eat Indian food when he comes, so mom gives him frozen chicken nuggets for dinner, which accidentally causes drama.

No good deed goes unpunished! People have a lot of opinions if you happen to be a householder. Some are completely supportive, while others nitpick at every little thing you do, demanding things that go beyond common sense and good neighborly courtesy. It is these slightly titled people who can give you a headache, even if you are doing them a huge favor.

For example, one woman turned to the AITA community on Reddit for a verdict on How did she handle the situation? when her son’s friend, a picky eater, came to their house unannounced. Given that her family is Indian, the redditor naturally cooks a lot of national food at home. However, her son’s friend was not a fan of national cuisine. Don’t worry though – there were some frozen chicken nuggets and fries to save the day and make him happy. But hell, it backfired when the baby’s mom later found out he was being given frozen food!

Read on to find out the whole story and how the internet reacted. Until then check interview about children’s choosiness in food with talented pie artist as well as author Jessica Lee Clark-Bojin.

The mom shared how her son brought in his friend, a picky eater who wasn’t a fan of the national cuisine the family cooked at home.

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Not wanting the child to go hungry, mom looked into the freezer for inspiration. However, she couldn’t expect the drama that followed.

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In truth, we’ll take every opportunity to eat chicken nuggets. Frozen or not, they are our kryptonite. Therefore, it is difficult for us to even imagine that someone can go crazy after being treated. food from the gods. (Look, if it’s good enough for Baby Yoda, it’s good enough for all of us.) However, it doesn’t really matter what the food was: Mom was kind enough to warm up some food for a picky eater who dropped it without first notifications.

You really can’t expect someone to cook an entire individual meal for someone from scratch when dinner is already on the table. This could be something to consider with a lot of advance warnings and if there are certain dietary requirements that need to be met to keep the guest happy and healthy of course, but it really isn’t.

And it’s not that the kid didn’t like nuggets and fries (seriously, who can say no to such a classic combination?), the problem was in his mother. She felt that free child care without prior notice was not enough – her precious baby needed homemade food cooked to order. What she called “child abuse” was really just practicality and common sense. The vast majority of the AITA community who read the post were baffled by the picky eater mom’s overreaction. reached out to pie artist jessica for some tips on what parents can do about picky eaters in the home. She said one strategy that parents can use is to hide certain ingredients in other foods or just call things differently. A little creativity goes a long way. And it turns out that children actually like certain foods, but not those. idea of them.

“My mom was sometimes able to get us to eat things we didn’t like by hiding the ingredients in other, more harmless foods. As a child, I refused to eat eggs in any form. But I loved French toast and never questioned the suspiciously thick, omelette-like shell on my syrup-soaked toast (I didn’t know French toast had eggs!), she told us.

“She also deceived us by saying that the food we were served was actually a different dish that she knew we were enduring. For example, my brother and I hated salmon but loved tuna. It never seemed strange to us that sometimes we were served “pink tuna” because it turned out that we were actually quite fine with salmon, we just didn’t like it. idea salmon for some reason,” Jessica pointed out the fact that children are just weird in that sense.

“Of course, when we were in our late teens, our mom eventually came out and informed us that we had been eating eggs and salmon for decades, and we might as well accept the fact that we like them now!” she said the truth had to come out sooner or later. But by then, it may no longer seem like a breach of trust. (I come from a family of picky eaters, I know how exhausting it can be to adjust to everyone’s preferences.)

However, the fact of the matter is that not all food can be disguised or hidden. Pie artist Jessica shared with us that she was an incredibly picky eater as a child.

“I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I didn’t try a shocking amount of different foods until I was a teenager,” she said, referring to “virtually every vegetable except carrots.” This changed as she got older.

“It wasn’t until I was invited to dinner with my first boyfriend that it occurred to me that maybe it was time to broaden my culinary horizons. His mother often made “weird” (actually not at all strange, but new to me) foods that I always found hateful, ”she told us.

“But out of a desire not to offend her, for the first time in my life I ate hateful foods … and it turned out that I liked them! Social pressure exceeds parental tricks, threats and bribery every time, ”Jessica joked.

The AITA community overwhelmingly supported the mom who wrote the post. Here’s what some of them said

It takes a lot of work to expand our culinary horizons. Korean food teacher Heather Jeong told ABC News that many people are scared or uncomfortable in front of the unknown. She believes education is the key to getting people to eat different foods.

“Once they gain knowledge and understanding, they embrace it,” she said, referring to “rich, spicy Korean foods” like kimchi. However, this requires overcoming our body’s instinctive reactions to stronger odors. Unfamiliar food odors can trigger an immediate reaction over which we have no control. And that can put us off trying something new (but tasty!) until we muster up the courage to pick up a fork and try it. Chicken nuggets are good. But it is better to develop our tastes.

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