Sons Of Anarchy Fans Think This Character Had The Most Tragic Life

From the moment Opie Winston (Ryan Hurst) first appears on screen, he is doomed. Opie is a club legacy, as is Jax, but that doesn’t save him from unfortunate circumstances. Only recently released from prison after five years at the club, his wife Donna (Sprague Greyden) fears he is involved with SAMCRO, causing them to have cash flow problems. As time goes on, things only get worse for him. Fans on Reddit noted that of all the characters, Opie loses in almost everything.

“[Opie’s] the whole family was destroyed by club life, after serving 5 years, “said u/doggfood and chronic. “The murder of his wife left him in ruins.” At the end of the first season, Opie finds himself in such a desperate situation that Clay decides to kill him. Unfortunately, it is Donna who dies by accident after her husband allows her to use his truck. After that, Opie becomes a human shell and continues to fight.

“[It] really never got better after he joined the club”, commented you/MommD3. “He never interacted with his children or the girl he married.” Opie marries Lila (Winter Ave Zoli) in hopes of moving on with her life, but nothing comes of it. Clay comes for his family again, and this time he kills Opie Piney’s (William Lucking) father. From there, Opie turned into a time bomb of pain that eventually led to his tragic sacrifice.

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