Sons Of Anarchy fans would love to see this character get a full spin-off

Philip “Chibs” Telford (Tommy Flanagan) was one of the main characters on Sons of Anarchy for seven seasons, eventually replacing Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) as president in the series finale. But some people think that there is additional potential in his past.

you/body founder wrote about Chibs on Reddit, saying, “His backstory is so cool it deserves a spin-off or something.” He made a compelling case for the series by bringing up intriguing aspects of the character’s history, such as his time in the IRA. you / phantom heart went along with the idea of ​​seeing Chibs’ backstory play out on the small screen. “Chibs has always been my favorite in the group,” they commented. “It was nice to get to know his backstory during SoA, but I definitely agree that he could have used more!”

If Chibs’ origin story is going to happen on the small screen, it probably won’t be Tommy Flanagan. After the finale, Chibs only appeared in the second season of Mayans MC. Term if he repeated the persona of the character again, he would say, “No.” While it seems like Flanagan has moved on from Chibs, he has shared his thoughts with fans on where SAMCRO’s president has ended up. “He rides through the mountains in a stinky leather jacket,” he said. “God bless him.”

It’s nice to know that in the actor’s mind the character has a happy ending. But in its early days leading up to Sons of Anarchy, there’s still a lot to explore, leaving the door wide open for a Chibs spin-off.

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