Sony is preparing a Days Gone adaptation, and this Outlander star is in talks to helm

While “Days Gone” wasn’t successful enough in Sony’s eyes to warrant a sequel (via FTW), the company plans to release a cinematic version of the game. According to Term, Outlander star Sam Heughan is being considered for the role of protagonist Deacon St. John in the film adaptation. Heughan, who plays Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser in Outlander, is one of the key figures who seem to be circling the project. Meanwhile, Sheldon Turner, who wrote George Clooney’s Up in the Air and received story credit for X-Men: First Class, has signed on to adapt the game.

Since Sony first took a big step in live action with Uncharted, it has been able to bring the studio a pretty impressive haul at the global box office (via Checkout Mojo), it is only natural that they are eyeing their next property to bring it to life. While Sony was hesitant to bet on another game in the Days Gone franchise, it seemed like the film’s prospects in the popular zombie-horror subgenre were enough to convince them to make an attempt to adapt it.

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