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Southern Charm’s Katherine Dennis Reunited With 7-Year-Old Kensi, 6-Year-Old Saint And New Puppy Late Christmas After Losing Custody

SOUTHERN Charm star Katherine Dennis has reunited with Kensi’s children, Saint, and their new puppy for a belated Christmas celebration after losing custody of former Thomas Ravenel.

This summer, the reality TV star lost custody after high-profile statements by 59-year-old Thomas.


Katherine Dennis shares a series of cute photos with kids Kensi and Saint
Little family reunited after Christmas separation


Little family reunited after Christmas separation

Katherine shared the episode photos from her belated Christmas celebration with seven-year-old Kensi and six-year-old Saint.

In the first photo in the collection, she and her children pose together as she holds their new dog.

Catherine, Kensi and Saint smiled in a sweet snap and seemed to enjoy the mild winter weather.

She captioned the message: “Merry Christmas from the Dennis / Ravenel family, party of four.”

In another photo, Kensi is hugging their dog.

In the third photo, Saint is sitting on the floor surrounded by toys, and there are more gifts in the background.

30-year-old Katherine showed fans a snapshot of Kensi wearing her puppy in a metal backpack with wings, as well as several others that she and her daughter love their dog in the park.

Fans flooded comments with positive comments, pouring in on Katherine’s children and their precious dog.

Bravo co-star Lisa Barlow commented, “Great.”

The fan commented, “Very cute!”

Another intervened, “Lovely family, Merry Christmas and I wish you a happy and wonderful New Year!”

A third fan commented, “Stahhhhhp” with a few genuine emojis.

Christmas isn’t the first holiday Katherine misses with her kids.


She reunited with her kids back in November after the duo spent Thanksgiving with Thomas.

Katherine shared with the children a series of shots in the open dinosaur park.

In the first photo posted to Instagram Story, Katherine, Kensi and Saint were shown climbing a giant dinosaur mouth.

She captioned the picture: “We have arrived.”

In the second photo, Saint poked his head out of a cracked dinosaur egg with the caption “Dinosaur Baby.”

Another photo showed siblings playing together in dinosaur eggs, followed by adorable portraits of children.

Prior to reuniting with their mother, Thomas shared the clip with Kensi and Saint at the Waffle House.

The little family wished the fans a Happy Thanksgiving.

Kensi stole the show in the music video while sipping orange juice all the time.

Thomas asked his daughter and son a series of questions about the holiday and the days before and after.


Katherine lost custody of her children in March after Thomas accused her of drug use and child neglect.

She denied these charges, but in the end the court sided with the disgraced politician.

In October, Catherine sobbed, confessing that she “misses her children.”

She posted a photo of herself crying, writing: “But sometimes it happens …”

The model-turned-reality star told fans about her struggles throughout her battle with Thomas.

She once shared on Instagram: “When you are without children, there will be a lot more difficult times than good.”

Thomas has another son, Jonathan Jackson, with ex-Heather Musco.

Katherine called the “family court system” “tiresome” in August after Thomas was given full custody.

She then commented, “It’s exhausting to constantly defend yourself against someone trying to change reality — it can even make you question what you know happened or what is true.

“Living two lives can be exhausting, one for your kids and for the world (it’s okay), and the other when you get beaten up by the family court system.

“We see you and stand with you. You are not alone”.

KristenBellTattoos.com has reported in the past that Catherine has temporarily lost custody of her children.

Now she is visited under supervision every two weekends.

Katherine and the kids spent time outside and also hung out in the house.


Katherine and the kids spent time outside and also hung out in the house.
Their new dog is featured prominently in the photos.


Their new dog is featured prominently in the photos.
Katherine shares the children with Thomas Ravenel, who is in full custody


Katherine shares the children with Thomas Ravenel, who is in full custodyCredit: Instagram
Former Thomas Ravenel, southern charm star Katherine Dennis, spends Thanksgiving with her kids after breaking up with boyfriend

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