Spain Selects Javier Bardem-Starring ‘The Good Boss’, South Korea Picks ‘Escape From Mogadishu’ – Deadline

The Spanish Film Academy has selected Fernando Leon de Aranova’s comedy. The good boss As its entry International Oscars. Race this year.

In this film, Javier Bardim acts as the owner of a factory that makes scales. The film recently premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival. deadline Sat down with its director and star..

Separately, Parasite South Korea has chosen the nation. Escape from Mogadishu As its competitor this year.

Yonhap News Agency reported today that KOFIC, the Korean Film Council, has selected an action film based on the true story of the lives and deaths of South and North Korean diplomats during the 1990s and the Somali civil war.

The film is hitting the box office in Korea, attracting 3.1 million viewers to make it the most popular release of the year.

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