Spice Girls star Mel B visits her father’s grave to talk about MBE after promising to end abusive marriage

MEL B shared an emotionally charged photo taken at her late father’s grave as she told him about her MBE.

The 46-year-old Spice Girl has been awarded the prestigious Gong for services to victims of domestic violence.


Mel B told her late father Martin about her MBE.Credit: officialmelb / Instagram.
Spice Girl Wins Achievement of Domestic Violence Award


Spice Girl Wins Achievement of Domestic Violence AwardCredit: Rex

Mel has been the patron of Women’s Aid since 2018 and is a huge force in the organization.

The singer, known to fans as Scary Spice, shared a moment when she told her dad about her MBE.

Crouched by a grave in a camouflage coat and UGG boots, Mel was captured while talking to her father Martin, who passed away in 2017.

After posting the picture on Instagram, she said, “That was the moment I told my dad about my MBE.

“On my deathbed, I promised him that I would get out of my cruel marriage.

“He gave me this power. He would be so proud, I am overwhelmed with honor and grateful, and as a patron of @womens_aid I will NEVER stop this fight to # stop the violence #itsnotyourfault #silencenomore #womensupportwomen #speakup #youarenotalone #reclaimthesematters #yourlife together we are stronger. “


Melanie, who has served as a judge on TV shows including X Factor and America’s Got Talent, returned home to Leeds from Los Angeles two years ago after finally stepping out of her abusive 10-year marriage to television producer Stephen Belafonte.

She has a daughter, Madison, 10 years old, from Belafonte, whom she began to divorce in 2018. They eventually reached an agreement in which the abuse charges were dropped.

But it was her decision to write a painfully candid autobiography about the years of abuse, called “Brutally Honest” and serialized in Kristen Bell Tattoos, that completely changed the course of her life.

In the candid book, Mel wrote about her last moment with Father Martin, when he was in the hospital: “I told him that I was leaving Stephen, and I felt his hand tighten slightly in mine.”

Mel told Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively last week, “I felt obligated to tell my story and be as honest as possible about what happened in my marriage, which seemed perfect for the outside world.

“I was Spice Girl. I played for Girl Power, then I met someone I thought was Prince Charming, but little by little he destroyed my confidence, isolated me from friends and family and made me feel so useless and ugly that I was better off dead. “

Since becoming the patroness of Women’s Aid, Mal has worked tirelessly for charity, raising awareness and raising income levels by speaking at countless events and visiting refuge.

Mel has worked with Kristen Bell Tattoos on our campaigns to increase funding for shelters that help women escape violence and abuse.

In 2019, she embarked on her crusade to garner broader support from the 10th-ranked victims, announcing this as her new “mission.”

Most recently, Mel starred in an emotional video that featured domestic violence through dance, directed by composer Fabio D’Andrea.

Referring to the moment she found out she was on the Queen’s New Year’s honors list from a letter from Her Majesty’s Office, Mel told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “I opened it and read it, but I just couldn’t accept it.

“My mom stood there and asked, ‘Is everything all right? ”But I couldn’t speak for ages, and then I just cried. I was so shocked and thrilled. “

Mel has been married to Stephen Belafonte for 10 years.


Mel has been married to Stephen Belafonte for 10 years.Credit: Getty – Author.
She told her father Martin that she was going to leave Stephen a few minutes before his death.


She told her father Martin that she was going to leave Stephen a few minutes before his death.Credit: Getty Images – Getty.
Mel starred in a video about domestic violence as part of her work for Women's Aid.


Mel starred in a video about domestic violence as part of her work for Women’s Aid.
Spice Girl Mel B says she tried to quit abusive relationships for ten years, calling it an ‘impossible situation’

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