Spy X family fans can’t understand this Loid spy tool

On the p/SpyxFamily subreddit, you / Duspende wondered where all of Loyd’s masks in the series came from. “This is clearly not a bunch of masks that were made beforehand, but masks of real people he meets,” the user wrote. “Do I just have to suspend my disbelief, or is there an answer to this?” While the masks Loyd uses in The Spy Family seem similar to those other spy characters like Ethan Hunt use in Mission: Impossible, he can somehow seemingly whip them into any moment in the series. . “Loyd is such a brilliant spy that even the mangaka doesn’t know,” replied u/Raghav_Singhania in the top comment, suggesting that it can’t be explained in any reasonable way.

u/AppleDot09 was a more helpful answer. “He probably uses some kind of silicone to make them,” they said. “It’s kind of like how special effects/makeup is done for movies, but since it’s a fictional universe and he’s got a lot of experience, he can probably do it very quickly.” To be fair, Spy x Family takes place in a very funny world where cartoonish logic is often used. Take, for example, season 1, episode 4 (“The Prestigious School Interview”), in which the entire family changes clothes twice in the middle of a crowded campus without anyone noticing.

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