Stacey Dash Recalls Taking 18 to 20 Pills a Day Amid Addiction Battle

After leaving the hospital, Dash continued to abuse drugs. “That’s when I thought, ‘OK, Stacey, leave. You can’t live this life.’ And I did some stupid things. I didn’t, “he recalled. “I called my sister and I told her to come now.” And then I called my lawyer and I said, ‘I need help.’ And he let me go. Within eight hours there was an intervening boy in my house and I was on a plane to Utah for rehabilitation. I’m used to it. ”

Today, Dash has been quiet for five years. “I only celebrated five years of authenticity,” he said. “I am clean, five years old. And in those five years, my blessing – the greatest blessing is that I have not only been able to be honest with myself and be a better person, I have been able to be with my parents and that they have been with me. Loved it and he was doing his best and he was just sick.

Dash is credited with helping to ease her faith and hopes that, by sharing her story, she can help people fight drugs.

“It’s not a shame to get help because that’s what we need,” he said. “And for those who are not addicted, I would tell them to look at people with more compassion and empathy, to understand because they need help. They need help. They can’t do it themselves.”

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