Stacy Giggs has shared glamorous holiday snaps with her kids after accusing ex Max George of cheating on her with Maisie Smith.

Stacey Giggs boldly shrugged off her relationship issues with ex Max George while enjoying a sunny day with her kids.

Her family holiday time in Portugal came after Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively revealed how former WAG, 43, accused her ex – Wanted hunk Max George, 33 – of cheating on her with Maisie Smith, 21.


Stacey Giggs smiled while on holiday with her kids amid relationship issues with ex Max George.
Stacey sensationally accused The Wanted pop star of cheating with Strictly star Maisie Smith.


Stacey sensationally accused The Wanted pop star of cheating with Strictly star Maisie Smith.1 credit

Manchester United star Ryan Giggs’ ex-wife called the All Time Low pop star a ‘fame-hungry kid’ and spoke of her devastation after it was revealed the Dancing with the Stars couple were now dating.

Stacey put her grief behind her for the sake of her children and shared some happy snaps with her Instagram followers.

She looked glamorous as she posed in a green miniskirt with a matching striped top, sandwiched between 19-year-old son Zachary and 15-year-old daughter Liberty.

Later, Stacey switched to a casual blue sports top and oversized white-rimmed sunglasses.

Stacy Giggs and Max George had a fight when he called her fat
'Wanted' Max George Looks Loved When He Holds Stacey Giggs' Hand

She cheekily told fans that she was heading from the “beach bar for dinner,” followed by a crazy emoji.

Her happiness came after she made a sensational accusation against her former pop star.

We told how Stacey told a friend, “Seeing them meet so quickly in public after I dumped him is like a dagger to the heart.”

Stacey also called Max George a “lying dog” after Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that the “Special Wanted” star took Macy on a romantic getaway in Crete.

Stacey told a friend, “Max cheated on me with Macy. I asked him about her, but he denied that anything happened.

“He said he was like an uncle to Macy.”

“After everything I’ve done for him, I can’t believe he was so rude and disrespectful. He is a lying dog. I feel betrayed.

“I am very shocked that he can be so cruel and I do not recognize the man he has become. I think Max became obsessed with fame.”

Stacy started dating Max in January 2019.

The following April, their relationship came to light and he moved into her £3.5 million home in Manchester.

Max and Stacey shared a home with her two children from her marriage to Giggs – they are currently accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, which he denies.

Max, previously engaged to Michelle Keegan, said at the time, “I’ve never felt so strongly about anyone before.”

From September to December 2020, he starred in the BBC1 series Strictly alongside former EastEnders star Macy. He placed ninth and she placed second.

In March of this year, he and Stacey broke up after she suspected that Max had bonded with Macy during the Strictly tour, which began in January.

She took him back a few days later, and he insisted that there was no romance. They stayed together, despite fresh rumors, but on July 25, Stacey kicked Max out again, making sure that he really cheated on her.

On July 27, they met at dinner to talk, and she said they ended up in bed.

Stacey told a friend, “I told him millions of times about his closeness to her. But he always denied it.

“I had a feeling that they were more than just friends.

“I left him because I thought he might be cheating. We broke up for a few days, but Max always begged to stay.

“He used my former marital home as a hotel – he walked around like he owned the place, taking selfies for his Instagram.”

“He’s a little pop star and a glory-hungry child boy.”

Stacey believes Max flew to Portugal on July 28, where he met up with Macy and two other friends from the tour.

A British tourist who saw them holding hands and kissing in Albufeira told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “We were chatting and they said they were dating but we shouldn’t tell anyone.”

Stacey told a friend, “Eventually I got fed up with his lies and constant need for attention, and kicked him out of the house. But he seems to have gone straight to Maisie’s.

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Last week, Max and Maisie were seen kissing and hugging in the pool of a five-star resort in Crete.

It is believed that Max insists that his relationship with Maisie only began after he broke up with Stacey.

Max was approached for comment on Stacey’s claims.

Stacey smiled boldly as she put family first.


Stacey smiled boldly as she put family first.
Max and Maisie are currently vacationing together in Crete.


Max and Maisie are currently vacationing together in Crete.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Stacey called her ex a


Stacey called her ex a “fame-hungry kid” and opened up about how she had previously spoken out against him over allegations of fraud.1 credit

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