Stacy Solomon shows the grave of Theo the dog in the garden of Pickle Cottage with a heartbreaking shrine

Stacey Solomon spoke about the incredible grave she built in the garden of Pickle Cottage in memory of her beloved deceased dog, Theo.

The mother of four took to Instagram to reveal the impressive shrine that sits under a sprawling magnolia tree in the backyard of her £ 1.2 million Essex home.


Stacy shared a photo of a cute grave she took for Theo’s dog.1 credit
Theo unfortunately passed away in December, leaving Stacey behind. "heartbroken"


Theo unfortunately passed away in December, leaving Stacey “heartbroken.”1 credit

Stacey, 32, videotaped her placing the candle and stones that were placed in Theo’s old water bowl when she went to visit the garden grave.

She filmed a video showing a stunning plaque that was installed at the burial site of a cute dog that died in December at the age of 11.

“Our dear Theo, we are so lucky to love you and we will never stop,” read the emotional caption. “Sweet dreams, Fifi. 2010 – 2021.”

Stacey continued to film, showing off the flowers she had laid, as well as a bench placed next to the grave so she could “sit and have a cup of tea.”

“We made a plaque for Theo,” the Free Women star captioned the post. “She lies under the magnolia.

The most beautiful tree in the garden, but it never blooms long enough, like you, Theo. We miss you”.

She spoke about the bench in detail: “I pushed the bench so I could just sit and have a cup of tea with it. Peanuts just sat here looking at everything. He never sits just like that. “

Stacey signed an emotional post calling her remaining Peanut pet “special” as she said he “really broke her heart” at Theo’s grave.

Last month, Stacey revealed how her beloved dog, Theo, died in her arms just after Christmas, leaving her heartbroken.

The Free Women star broke the news to her Instagram followers, writing, “She fell asleep in my arms surrounded by all of us at Pickle Cottage.”

After sharing a series of photos of the dog she owned for 11 years, Stacey wrote: “Thank you for everything, you will never know how much I needed you.”

The 32-year-old athlete sadly added, “My knees have never been so empty.”

Sharing photos and on Instagram, Stacy also wrote a touching tribute, saying, “Sweet dreams, Theo. The best friend we could ever wish for.

“Our hearts are broken. Yesterday at home in our arms we had to say goodbye to our Theo. 11 wonderful years.

“We are so lucky to love you, Fifi, and we will never stop. My knees have never been so empty. I miss you so much already. My little girl. But my God, the memories and love that you brought into our lives.

“Thank you for everything, Theo. For protecting me and the boys when we needed it most. For loving us no matter what, and for holding on for so long and looking forward to meeting his younger sister Rose.

“Rex had the best friend in you that he could ever desire, and the boys had the best protector in the whole world.

“Despite the fact that Rex is very small, I know him, Zachary and Leighton will never forget you.

“Peanut misses his hug buddy a lot, so we’re trying to catch up in our arms, but I know it’s not the same.”

Stacey revealed that they had a plaque commemorating Theo.


Stacey revealed that they had a plaque commemorating Theo.1 credit
Stacey Solomon is devastated when her beloved Theo dies in her arms, crying, “You will never know how much I needed you.”

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