Stalker who threatened actress Eva LaRue with rape and torture sentenced

Today in Los Angeles, a man was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison for a 12-year campaign of harassment – through letters and phone calls – against actress Eva LaRue and her daughter, during which he threatened them with torture, rape and death.

James David Rogers, 58, was sentenced by US District Judge John A. Kronstadt, who called the man’s behavior “inexcusable.”

Rogers pleaded guilty in April to two counts of mailing threatening messages, one count of interstate communications, and two counts of stalking.

From March 2007 until his arrest in November 2019, Rogers harassed, threatened and harassed Eva LaRue, an actress whose credits include Young and restless — for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2020 — Crime Scene: Miami, Santa Barbara as well as All my childrenand her daughter – who was 5 years old when the campaign of terror began.

For example, in February 2008, Rogers sent a letter to LaRue vowing to “hunt you to the death.” In other letters, Rogers repeatedly threatened to rape LaRue and her daughter.

From March 2007 to June 2015, Rogers mailed about 37 handwritten and typewritten letters threatening to rape, kill, and otherwise harm LaRue and her daughter. In June 2015, Rogers sent a letter to LaRue’s daughter, stating, in part: “I am a person who has been stalking for the past 7 years. Now I’m looking at you too.

Rogers signed each letter with the name “Freddy Krueger”.

In October and November 2019, Rogers called the school that LaRue’s daughter attended, spoke to a school worker, claimed he was her father, and asked if she was present. In November 2019, he called the girl’s school again and left a voicemail identifying himself as “Freddy Krueger” and threatening to “rape her, molest her and kill her.”

Rogers’ federal public defender Wasim Salahi told the court that his client suffers from “psychiatric instability” and that “people do irrational things when they are mentally ill.”

Salahi, who offered a non-custodial sentence of home confinement and court-ordered mental health treatment, said Rogers is dealing with mental health issues, including “repressed gender dysphoria” and has “a long road to recovery.”

According to his lawyer, Rogers “is actually a very sweet, gentle person, but he’s also mentally ill, and that sometimes turns him into someone else.”

LaRue tearfully issued a statement about the impact on the victim, telling a Los Angeles federal court judge that since the harassment began, she has been in therapy to cope with feelings of fear and paranoia.

She said that while she and her daughter had no direct contact with the Ohio resident, “we didn’t know if he would show up on our doorstep. We will think about him all our lives. Fear is with me forever.

Appearing via Zoom, Rogers apologized to LaRue “for what I’ve been saying to you for the past 12 years and for putting your family through this hellish nightmare. I hope someday I can earn your forgiveness for my wrongdoings. I would like someone to intervene much sooner and get caught much sooner.”

A judge ordered Rogers to turn himself in on October 12 to begin serving his sentence in a federal prison in Ohio.

The City News Service contributed to this report.

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