Starbucks customer ends ‘Pay It Forward’ streak after seeing $46 bill, sparking online debate about practice

There are many big issues and trends that encourage people to do things for good. This is a fun and effective way to show and remind people that there are less fortunate or fortunate people who need help. But sometimes people feel the need to do something nice for strangers they don’t know much about, just to brighten up their day. One example of such a kind gesture is the “pay it forward” trend. This trend became widely discussed after TikTok Mac Tray user @im_blessed55 decided to share his experience with this task.

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People find interesting and unique ways to brighten someone’s day.

Image credits: im_blessed55

The video, which has now garnered nearly 4 million views, shows a man walking into a Starbucks to get his drink, and also explains that others in line were participating in the “pay-for-person-behind-you” trend. The man said that he stopped a series of 23 cars and briefly explained the situation. But before that, Mack shared that “they tried to set him up,” meaning the car that was behind him.

One such kind gesture was shown at a Starbucks car dealership where someone started paying for the person behind their car.

Image credits: im_blessed55

A TikTok user decided to share his experience to become part of the trend that he also stopped

Image credits: im_blessed55

It turns out that the person or people who were in the other car had a $46 order, and the TikTok user spent $6 on their drink. Of course, this situation seemed strange to the man, so he decided not to continue the series and end it right there. This situation caused a heated discussion on the network, as people had different opinions about what happened and how to deal with this situation.

The streak of 23 cars ended when a customer refused to pay for a $46 order for another car.

Image credits: im_blessed55

Those with experience working at Starbucks or similar places expressed their support, saying they are glad Mac has stopped the trend as it becomes difficult for baristas to keep track of orders and payments. Usually, these gestures of generosity make their job more difficult and more intricate. Some felt that the series could have been saved if the man had agreed to cover only a fraction of the total. However, others have stated that this will only add more confusion to the whole situation and will not really achieve the goal.

You can watch the full video below!

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This situation caused a heated discussion on the network, as people had different opinions on how all this could be handled.

Many people agreed that it was right to end the series.

Other TikTok users didn’t seem to see the point in participating in such a streak, as they understand that those who come to Starbucks can clearly afford a drink. They suggested that if someone wants to do a good deed, he should really think about how to help those who really need it.

One question is whether the machine that placed the $46 order was aware of the trend and did it on purpose, or if they weren’t expecting anything and may not even have been aware of it. Despite the lack of an answer, people also had their own assumptions. Some of them even shared their own experience of paying for an order made for an entire office. So it turns out that this one-time good deed sometimes turns into a misunderstanding.

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Some people have speculated that the man could cover some of the amount while keeping the streak

It was later revealed that this gesture is not encouraged and usually not appreciated by the staff who actually prepare the orders.

Some users have noticed that when this gesture turns into a “train”, it loses its meaning and becomes a forced boon.

Some TikTokers believe that if someone wants to make a kind gesture, they should tip the barista.

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