Stephen Colbert and Kristen Stewart’s interview got an awkward twist we can’t help but notice

We’ve seen it over and over again when interviews get awkward twists. Even nighttime legends like David Letterman had peculiar moments alongside the likes of Jennifer Aniston.

Throughout its history, we’ve seen both when it comes to Stephen Colbert. On the one hand, we saw the host share a terrific moment with Keanu Reeves, while on the other hand, the opposite also happened with the likes of Richard Branson.

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This time we will analyze a specific interview that was completely southerly between Colbert and Kristen Stewart. We’ll discuss what happened and what the fans were thinking throughout the test. In addition, we’ll start by showing you other awkward moments that happened to Colbert.

Stephen Colbert has done awkward interviews multiple times in the past.

Let’s just say Stephen Colbert has had some awkward situations in the past with countless celebrities. Who can forget his interview with Casey Affleck, which started out of the blue when Stephen Colbert commented on his appearance… The two have since fought with each other for the rest of the interview.

“Thanks for changing,” he immediately joked. “I can’t tell if this choice is like what the least celebrity should make, or what really needs to be done, because it’s very casual.”

Affleck tried to change the subject as the host was clearly in the mood.

“Until I get to my joke,” the comedian said. “But this is not a joke. You really look like Jesus from the street. “

“At the end of the day, we should probably end the fight,” admitted Colbert. “It feels like this is where this is going.”

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Affleck shouldn’t feel too bad, he is not alone. Richard Branson also ran into problems of his own with the owner, throwing a cup of water in Colbert’s face. Other honorable mentions in accordance with EW including Eric Schmidt, Diane Keaton, Philip Mudd and a few others.

We can also add Kristen Stewart to this list …

Touching Kristen Stewart’s telegram will make the interview go completely insane

From the very beginning of the interview, things were awkward right after Colbert and Stewart hugged each other oddly. During the first part of the interview, everything seemed to be going well as Stewart discusses his new film. However, things could go downhill when, out of nowhere, Colbert touched Stewart’s microphone on her chest without warning.

The situation will get worse as Colbert will attack the chain much more aggressively, leaving “dust” star with confused expression.

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From that point on, the interview seemed to go downhill as Colbert continued his conversation with Donald Trump. Twitter an exchange question that happened many years ago and obviously a question that she has answered many times in the past. However, Stewart was a professional in answering this question, although she was not overly talkative about it.

Following the interview, fans accused the host of going south.

Fans were not happy with Colbert’s questions and actions throughout the interview with Stewart.

“I love Stephen, but I think there is room for improvement with his interview. This is not his forte. Sometimes this is great, but it can be very unfortunate. Maybe it’s because he’s such a master at everything else that I notice it more, but he had more than his fair share of awkward interview moments. “

As this fan mentioned on Reddit, Colbert’s interview with Stuart was not his best work. This opinion was echoed by several fans, as Colbert has a difficult time according to general feedback when it comes to certain styles of interviews.

“Colbert has never been the best interviewer when it comes to pop culture and film. I don’t think he’s a big TV / movie buff, so he doesn’t have the interest or the ability to ask funny questions that you would expect. politics, religion, business, because that’s what he’s really interested in. “

Fans on Youtube also seems to agree, the interview wasn’t a good one, and in truth, Stewart may never come back.

“Why would you tell me about her deception in the past? I have a feeling that she will never return to that show. “

Not like neither of the two wanted the interview to end, but hey, at least the awkwardness will live on forever.

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