Steve Carell earned 5 5 million for a film that lost 100 100 million.

Becoming a great actor leads an actor to many things, one of which is the monster salary that gives him a comfortable life. Whether on television or on the big screen, studios and networks will pay a premium to anyone if they think they can make their project great.

Steve Carroll There is a talented actor who has done. Hit movies And hit shows, including. Office. Carol has done a great job on television, yes, but she has made millions despite being a comedian on the big screen. At one point, he was paid millions of dollars for a film that lost a fortune.

Let’s take a look at the false fire that paid Kerala Bank.

Steve Carroll is a television legend.

Film and television are both viable places for a performer to thrive, and while many will impress him more than once, there are some who succeed in both. Steve Carroll is an example of a man who has done well in film and television, but really, that man is a television legend thanks to Office.

Michael Scott was a great choice to play in the Kerala Classic series, and he left a lasting impression on the audience with his performance on the show. even now, Office It is still a very popular series, and most fans note that its absence later created a vacuum that was never filled.

As great as Office To help Kerala become a star, the man also had success on the big screen. Earlier in her career, she liked movies. Bruce Almighty, Anchorman., And 40 year old virgin. Helped set it up for success. Finally, he anchored. Despicable me Franchise, and he landed in such movies. Who listens to Horton !, Be careful, Date Night, And more.

Years ago, while Carol was still in the running. Office, He was paid millions for working in a sequel film which seemed to have a lot of potential.

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He earned 5 5 million for the House of Lords

2007 Absolute House. A project to fund the studio was definitely an interesting choice, but he clearly thought it was a great move. Is working as a sequel film. Bruce Almighty., Without Jim Carrey, Absolute House. He was dealing with a modern, CGI-filled work on the story of Noah’s ark.

Featuring actors such as Carol, Lauren Graham, Morgan Freeman, and John Goodman, Absolute House. Was desperately trying to take advantage of the success of Bruce Almighty. And the success of Carol’s red hot little screen, which was reaching a new level of fame as Michael Scott. Office.

It has been reported that a large amount of money was paid to Kerala. 5 million. Although she had already succeeded on the big screen to take the lead in the film, Carol was still primarily known as a television star. 40 year old virgin. Showed that he could play the lead role in the hit comedy, and the studio invested heavily in the actor and the film’s budget.

Instead of traveling to theaters and becoming a big hit. Bruce Allah Almighty. What happened years ago, Absolute House. He stumbled through the gate and drowned, injuring an unimaginable amount of money.

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The film grossed 100 million.



So, what a big flop. Absolute House.? Well, let’s just say there’s a reason why practically no one talks about this movie.

Before jumping into the original box office numbers, it is important to note that, although the film benefited from a successful predecessor, it was criticized by critics. It currently accounts for 23%. Rotten tomatoes., And 52 fan ratings show that very few people liked this movie.

According to Bomb report.“After the film’s red ink came out, Universal canceled the Japanese release and dumped it live in the video, which was left to open the final market. The total worldwide was $ 173.4 million, in theaters. Leaving about 95 95.95.3 million to Universal after the cut, Avon is making Almite one of the biggest box office wipes ever. The picture lost at least $ 100 million.

High There was no other way to frame it, this movie was a confirmed disaster, but thankfully, Carol was still working Office On time.

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While he earned millions for acting. Absolute House.Steve Carroll was still unable to help the film succeed at the box office.

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Why doesn't Steve Carroll A think?
This is why Steve Carroll does not think that the reboot of ‘Office’ will work today.

In an interview with Esquire in 2018, Steve Carroll said he was not sure how Michael Scott’s role would “fly” in the current era.

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