Steve Harvey Gets Couture Fashion Makeover, Fans React 

Leather Pants Metal Suit Internet is losing it in Steve Harvey's new wardrobe.
Courtesy of Eli Kramoha / Instagram

Lori Harvey Fashion in the family may be affected, but it seems that the father. Steve Harvey It’s crossing the grass! 64 years old. Family feud The host is making a fuss on social media to expose unexpectedly fast-paced fashion couples during a visit to Paris with his wife. Marjorie.

The former stand-up comedian has always been obsessed with fashion, but his new feet have come in different styles. Revived with the help of a fashion stylist. Eli Karamoh, Its latest pair consists of the latest runways from luxury labels such as Bottega Vanita, Tom Ford, Fendi – and the list goes on.

She has stepped into everything from a purple suit and a Balmain trench coat to black leather bootiga vanita pants and blue Berluti jackets.

Leather Pants Metal Suit Internet is losing it in Steve Harvey's new wardrobe.
Courtesy of Eli Kramoha / Instagram

Eyes caught the attention of fans from afar, many people shared their approval on Twitter and, of course, had some fun. Many people jumped at the chance to change the comedian to A. Justice League Ma’am

For example, a man photographed Harvey in a colorful green suit to make him look like a clown. “Steve Harvey: It’s too late, Batman. I’ve already poisoned the water supply. Soon everyone will be thirsty and you know what will happen next hahahaha.”

Others portrayed Harvey as an anime character. Jojo’s Strange Adventures.. Sharing two photoshopped photos of the star, one man asked, “Why does Harvey look like the Jojo character in his fit photos?”

In recent days, Harvey’s style has been echoing on social media, he has spent his entire career in beautiful clothes. Because even if he is hosting. Family feudWhether doing a stand-up comedy or being a guest, the game show host is always in a suit and tie.

As far as his clothes are concerned. Her mother has something to do with it. “You know, my mother told me when I was little – she was a Sunday school teacher – we had to go to church all the time. We always had to be ready,” she said in an August 2019 episode. Rolling with Steve Harvey. He said, ‘Son, every woman likes a well-dressed man. They just do it. I don’t care how you dress normally. But if you sometimes, for that matter, Just wear and tie a suit, shave, dress and take it out, women like it.

He went on to explain that when he started. The real king of comedy. In 2000, no one else wore a suit. And D. L. Hugley. Made fun of her for that. DL said, ‘Dude, why do you wear suits all the time?’ I don’t know any other way to be a dog, “Harvey replied.” People who pay all this money to see us can give them something to see. “

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