Stranger Things 4’s Joseph Quinn Receives Most Metallic Fame Award

In the video, fans can see Quinn talking and rocking with sweetheart Eddie. metallica behind the scenes of Lalapalooza. After James Hetfield (yeah, in James Hetfield) told Quinn that he had been a fan of the show since the first season, and Quinn thanked him for letting the show use his song, the nine-Grammy-winning artist gave Quinn the highest compliment. “Thank you for the justice,” he said.

Having the legendary frontman of an equally legendary band approve of your shredding skills is a pretty solid reward for a job well done, but Quinn’s benefits don’t end there. Though he modestly insists he’s a little rusty when asked if he wants to jam, it appears that Quinn hasn’t lost a step when it comes to absolute ownership of the song, which he admittedly spent two years listening to and the study. “We’d like to make an announcement,” drummer Lars Ulrich joked. “Metallica is now five members guys.” Throughout the jam session and the band’s praise, Quinn’s British accent and lack of locks is the only thing that separates him from the TV persona, with his latest perk further blurring the line between the two.

Not only did the band give Quinn a stunning replica of a custom made Eddie BC Rich NJ Series Warlock guitar, they also signed it for him before paying tribute to him during their live performance at the festival. This is the most metal perk for the man behind the most metal character.

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