‘Stranger Things’ Actors You Didn’t Know Made Music

Finn Wolfhard was one of the main stars of the first season of Stranger Things, much of which centers around his heroic character Mike Wheeler. Wolfhard soon went from TV star to rock star. In addition to showing off your guitar skills in music video for comedy group Ninja Sex Party, Wolfhard continued his musical endeavors in 2017 with the group. Calpurnia. He was the lead singer and guitarist for the band with Malcolm Craig on drums, Isla Tesler-Mabe on lead guitar and Jack Anderson on bass.

The first EP of the group “Scout”. fell in 2018 and spawned the singles “City Boy” and “Greyhound”, the second of which became their most popular original song on Spotify. Their Spotify Singles cover of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” also earned them recognition from the cult band, who filmed a four in the music video for their cover of “Take On Me”. While Calpurnia’s future seemed promising, the band announced they were disbanding in 2019 as a hectic touring schedule conflicted with Wolfhard’s burgeoning acting career.

“One of the reasons Calpurnia has become a routine rather than [making] the funny thing about the music is that we had to tour to make money for the label,” said Wolfhard. Alternative press. “Obviously, this is how they make money and they need to survive. But I can’t always tour because I’m playing and that’s the main reason people give me opportunities in the first place.”

However, he wouldn’t let that stop him from making music. Shortly after Calpurnia broke up, Wolfhard and his longtime friend Craig formed a musical duo called The Aubreys. “We release music of our own free will,” explained Wolfhard. “We’ll play DIY gigs when we’re free.” Their debut album “Karaoke Alone” fell to positive reviews in 2021.

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