Stranger Things Cast Auditions Will Make You Love Them Even More

During an interview, Carmen Cuba (casting director for Stranger Things) took Vanity Fair and the audience in the process of her casting, expressing their foresight for the future of each character in the series. This includes the first audition tapes submitted by Schnapp, Brown, Wolfhard, McLaughlin and Matarazzo.

“Honestly, when we filmed Stranger Things, we had no idea that it would be a success, that it would be a huge hit.” – Cuba general. “We had no idea how long it would last… I was really just trying to get the best version of it in the present.”

She continued to tell“These parts are unlikely to be able to be done by a child who hasn’t had a certain experience, so although part of my process involves going out into the world and observing a child who looks a certain way… it’s going to be such hard work, it’s going to be every day for months and very specific dialogue.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone else bringing these beloved characters to life and all the actors have done such an amazing job since they were cast.

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