Stranger Things characters ranked by their alignment in Dungeons & Dragons

If any main characters retain any truly neutral territory, it will be the Byers brothers. Of course, they fight for good until Will is possessed, but if you compare them with friends, it turns out that they lack a commitment to good morals.

Season 4 is the only season in which we see a “normal” Will, in which he has no influence from the Upside Down but still lacks ethics. While we only get a small glimpse of his and Eleven’s high school life, it seems like he was inactive while she was brutally bullied at their new school all year. Not only does Will not intervene to protect her, which all the other Stranger Things kids absolutely would, but he also gets frustrated that she, the victim, is embarrassed and hides her abuse from Mike. .

(Of course, given the intensity of 1980s homophobia and Will’s conflicting feelings about Eleven’s relationship with Mike, it’s not too hard to understand Will’s hesitation to throw himself between Eleven and a rampaging gang of ruthless school bullies. But despite Will’s good reasons for not acting, the fact remains. that he could help more.)

As for Jonathan, he absolutely demonstrates loyalty and a desire to protect Will, but he seems to be more neutral towards everyone else, especially when you look at what the other members of the Stranger Things gang go to for each other. to keep Hawkins safe. Jonathan is a direct nuisance Nancy in Season 3, when he seems more concerned with keeping his new job than investigating the literal evil he already knows exists in Hawkins. He also somewhat disabled in season 4.

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