Succession Finale Episode 9 Recap: Logan Has a Big Bang

We didn’t see it coming. A big bang has thwarted everyone’s ambitions in an epic succession cliffhanger. Warning: Spoilers.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For Succession Episode 9, From ‘All The Bells’

before we get into the chaotic events succession Finale The first question we’ve all been dying to know… Is Kendall Roy dead?

Those who are starved and thus seen stirring up a family saga will probably say yes.

But alas, Kendall is fine after nearly drowning in the pool at the tail-end of Episode 8.

Meanwhile in Tuscany, Logan receives a tasty phone call. Gerry informs Shiva, Roman, Connor and cousin Greg that the DOJ is finally going to make the historical charge.

But they’re more concerned about their deal with Gozo — the tech company Vestar is trying to acquire Royco — which now wants to explore other options.

Logan and Roman immediately visit Madsen (Alexander Skarsgrd), the founder of Gozo, and Logan, as expected, doesn’t waste time happily.

“So are we merging this f**k kin or not?” He turns hazy seconds after stepping onto Madsen’s stately property. “I understand your board is looking at other options, but if we stick with it, it could work. So, shall we dance?”

Almost equally suddenly, Madsen tells Logan that he doesn’t think Vestar has the right technology to be successful going forward. Always ready, Logan tells him he doesn’t have the ingredients. Together, they can be great.

“But we’re flying like a rocket ship and you’re sinking like a lead balloon. You and your business are just too old,” Madsen says.

Fever. Logan said he wanted a dance.

After a few barbs, Madsen says he wants to take over the company if they merge.

Despite saying he’s not open to it, Logan actually looks like he’s entertaining the idea. The face of the Roman red flag is central. Logan kicks Roman out of the meeting and sticks around, but we – the spectators – don’t know about what happens.

A blind man is walking.

Later, the Roy siblings all converge for brunch for Kendall’s intervention.

Kendall takes offense and tells them all that they are the ones who need intervention, before going on a strange story about being heir to the Empire and snatching it away.

Out of the blue, Connor has a meltdown about how “eldest son” he is. What if I, being the eldest son, want to handle it. I am the eldest son. I’m dad’s eldest son.”

Do you know Connor is the eldest son?

Meanwhile, it’s all systems in place for Caroline’s wedding day. at weddings succession The world has become somewhat of a recipe for disaster and this one is no exception.

It doesn’t take long to explode. After the speeches, Shiva and Roman cotton on to the fact that their father has agreed to possibly buy Westar for Gozo for Madsen’s deal.

They are shocked. He never thought that his father would be sold. The only person who isn’t shocked — shockingly — is Kendall, whose mind is elsewhere, despite the fact that she cares about season three.

“Shiva, I’m not here. There’s something really wrong with me Shiva. I just don’t feel very attached to my kids or my endeavors. I’m not a good person. I’m bad,” he says.

Suddenly, he comes clean after Shiva’s wedding to kill the waiter in the season 1 finale in a car accident. “They’re gonna come for me,” he says.

Roman says it was “the road and the water that killed him”, and can you get more Roy?

In the midst of Kendall’s mental break, Shiva receives a call that Logan is selling Gozo and that Gozo is taking boards. She impatiently pats Kendall on the head and they all forget it ever happened and beg their father not to sell them.

En route to the car, Shiv, Kendall and Roy all decide that they will push Logan out and fight amongst themselves for CEO.

Logan admits that he wants to sell and tells them that this is his chance to do something with his life. Trust funds are baby floored.

Seeing Logan needing his vote for a majority, Shiva threatens to end the deal.

But, as always, Logan is 10 steps ahead, loading his smoking gun with a potential killer.

He meets with Carolyn on the speaker phone, and reveals, “Your mom and I are reviewing the terms of the divorce agreement. And we’ve agreed that the arrangements were a little out of date.”

Essentially, in re-arranging their divorce settlement so that Caroline could keep the London townhouse she wanted, she screwed up her children’s supermajority blocking powers.

“You slit our throats, mother,” spit Shiva.

Logan’s parting words to his distraught kids? “I. F***ing. Win.”

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