Succession Sneak Peek: See the Aftermath of Kendall’s Actions

Kendall Feedback (Jeremy strong) Is doubling down on its decision to blow up the family business.

In this sneak peek. From season three Succession, To which it returns. HBO On October 17Stupid son His powerhouse prepares for war with his father., Logan Roy (Brian Cox), And it looks like he might have an impossible ally from her: longtime Y star Roiko employee Carolina (Dagmara Domichak.).

“And where are we going, Ken?” She asks for a double crossing opinion.

Back on Waystar, it turns out. Kendall’s attack plan? To “flag”, line up his lawyers and possibly talk to “f-king feds”.

As Kendall and Carolina Hunting ignore the press, fans’ favorite cousin Greg (Nicholas Brown), Who was present at the end of season two for Kendall’s big announcement exposing Logan’s mistakes, “No Comments!”

We feel for Carolina at the moment, because she has to instruct Greg not to say “no comment”, he just … can’t comment.

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