Sukihana Defends Meek Mill’s ‘Expensive Pain’ Album Cover

Yesterday, MacMill was trending on Twitter after getting a response on the cover of his album. “Expensive pain.” After the black women were shown on the tour bus, people were disturbed by the abstract art shown on their private parts. As we live in a time when the culture of cancellation is so prevalent, the teacher has come out in defense of Mack and is trying to get people to cancel for the art created by a black woman.

If you’re not familiar, the album’s cover features a New York-based artist’s original Cubist-style painting. Nina Channel Ibne.. Nina Chanel has not yet commented on the reaction, but it has not stopped Soki from showing support. In a deleted post, Soki says there is no outrage for statues in Italy and Rome that show naked white people.

In her video, which was shared on Instagram, she said she liked Mac’s album cover, shouting, “A black woman’s body is beautiful. We can show if we want. Soki ended the video by shouting at people to stop people trying to cancel their work and to mention that people were waiting for a black man about some bulls. Can not do it. Although Sookie is known for saying and doing controversial things online, some roommates felt that she was not the right spokesperson for black women.

One commented, “She’s fine with showing off her body. She’s already sold herself. She doesn’t represent all black women, only lost women. Another commented,” She’s zero. It makes sense. Black women are angry about the bus and the album cover, not Italian women. Although the conversation continues online, Mack did not respond to a request for comment. However, he remained active online. Hours ago, he shared a post promoting the album’s concert with Lil Uzi Vert, Giggs, Vory, and more.

Rooms, do you think MacMill should respond?

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