Sukuyan in Winchesters Episode 6 was inspired by a real-life Caribbean myth

The Winchesters showed the audience only a couple of the main sides of the sukuyan. In this episode, she is immune to most att*cks and is able to set her victims on fire. Additionally, the hunters explain that defeating her requires a stake through the heart or decapitation, as is the case with the more traditional vampire. Just chopping off her arm won’t work, as the show’s Scooby Gang learned the hard way.


Per Caribbean Readings, there are different versions of sukuyan in local folklore. Some people believe that she is a hideous witch, similar to her appearance in episode 6 of The Winchesters. However, others were under the impression that she was a beautiful woman with excellent seduction skills. However, one thing that is unchanged in most versions is that she can transform into a fireball and fly.

According to the Caribbean reading, some believe that the creature originated in Africa and at one time came to this famous continent along with other travelers. No matter where the monster came from, you don’t want to end up on its bad side.

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