‘Supernatural’ Fans Agree Dean’s Key Moment Stunned Them

“The most unexpected moment that took you by surprise?” u/PumpkinImpossible asked in the r/Supernatural subreddit. The first reply came from u/mm manometerwho simply replied, “Well, I was pretty sure Dean would NEVER go to hell in Season 3, so…”

At the end of season 2, Jake Talley (Aldis Hodge) kills Sam. In an attempt to save his brother, Dean makes a deal at a crossroads to get him back. The demon only gives Dean one year because she doesn’t have to make deals with the Winchesters.

Due to the escalating tensions in Season 3, most fans probably expected Dean to break free of Hell. After all, the brothers have endured a few really shady situations so far throughout the series, and besides, in the early seasons of Supernatural, the idea of ​​going to hell seemed like the final thing to do. But then came the Season 3 finale, No Rest for the Wicked, which ends with Dean’s deal running out of time. In the last shot, he is chained up and screaming for help – his soul has been sent to hell.

Although it all aired back in 2008, and both brothers had to experience much worse, the initial shock of Dean going to hell still hasn’t gone away. This taught Supernatural fans an important lesson: anything can happen, and the Winchesters, despite how important they are, are not safe.

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