Sweetie is upset after seeing the robot on the road.

Sweetie watched in complete frustration as the robot made its way down a busy street, completely dodging all the hustle and bustle around it.

Sweetie Robot (1)
By: Instagram: Sweetie.

Many people believe that the world will one day exist. In the possession of robots Which are programmed to do the things that humans normally do. Sweetie had no idea that day was today.

In a surprisingly funny video post on social media, she was in the right place at the right time, when a large robot crossed the road in front of her, leaving her in complete shock.

Completely stunned by what was happening in front of her eyes, Sweetie watched in complete frustration as the robot made its way into a busy alley and completely dodged all the hustle and bustle around it.

All she could do was watch in complete shock … and the camera kept turning.

Sweetie’s encounter with a robot.

Sweetie was in her car, keeping her business in mind when the traffic stopped. As she patiently waited for the opportunity to resume her drive, she caught a glimpse of a robot crossing the road.

Of course, he did exactly what any of us would do, and he immediately rescheduled the shocking event when it came to light.

It could be heard in the background, starting with complete shock and then laughing when the robot made its way into a busy alley and returned to the sidewalk quite easily.

Footage of his bizarre experience was taken from a short distance, so it’s hard to see what the robot was actually doing, but it looks like he’s delivering a series of boxes to the area. Since the robot passed in front of a bus full of passengers, and passed pedestrians on the road, no one seemed to notice its presence at all step by step, as if this event was a common thing that everyone Was part of his daily life.

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The spectators were just as confused.

Towards the end of the clip, Sweetie can be heard laughing heartily and loudly at the strange display she has just seen.

Fans immediately started commenting on the post to share their thoughts on this very strange situation. Comments on social media include “I’m just as confused as it is,” “Wow, they’re already here,” and “Oh, not hell.”

One fan wrote, “Robot Finna replaces everything.” “Oh damn, holy hell, what’s that?” The fans finally Didn’t accept robot culture.

One fan enjoyed the situation, he said. “Foreigners have sent them to see how it turned out.”

Most fans think it’s some kind of robotic food delivery service … but it was a lot of boxes.

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What we know about Rising Rapper Sweetie.

Sweetie is not only a rapper but also a trend setting fashion icon who has made herself a successful CEO.

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