Sylvester Stallone hid another Jennifer Flavin tattoo

Rocky split! Sylvester Stallone doing everything possible to get away from the ex Jennifer Flavin — including disguising the tattoos he got in her honor.

From photographs taken Page sixStallone, 76, visited Oklahoma City on Tuesday, September 13, and left with a brightly painted leopard face on his left arm. The new tattoo was supposed to hide the previous image of the 56-year-old Flavin’s eyes.

The new body art is the second Flavin-inspired work to be replaced by the New York native. Credo earlier, the star covered the portrait of a businesswoman with a tattoo of her face rocky character dog. The fresh ink came just days before Flavin petitioned for “dissolution of marriage and other remedies” at the Palm Beach County, Florida courthouse in August, according to documents obtained by Us weekly.

The Los Angeles native, who tied the knot with Stallone in May 1997, confirmed their split soon after. Flavin has daughters Sophia, 25, Sistina, 24, and Scarlet, 20, with Grudge Match star. (Stallone also has sons Sirgeo, 43, and Sage, who died in 2012 at age 36, by an ex-wife. Sasha Chuck.)

While Stallone and Flavin ultimately decided to go their separate ways, the exes are still hard at work raising their kids and even making reality shows amid their breakup.

“Love my family. We are peacefully and privately addressing these personal issues,” a spokesperson said. Rambo the actor said Us After the news, he added that “Stallone is currently filming a reality show together that will debut on Paramount+.”

At the end of last month, documents received Us it turned out that Suicide Squad Star denied Flavin’s allegations that he “participated in the willful embezzlement, depletion and/or embezzlement of the spouses’ property, which had an adverse economic impact on the spouses’ property.”

Escape plan The actor’s legal team also wrote in their response to the statement that he “did not participate” in such behavior and that he also opposed his ex’s request for “exclusive use” of their Palm Beach home.

At the time, Flavin also asked the court to note “behavior by each party” that could prolong the legal divorce process, and to encourage “mutual cooperation” to “reduce the cost” of legal fees. Stallone responded by noting that his ex-wife “hired a lawyer to represent her and agreed to pay their legal fees.”

Stallone, for his part, agreed with Flavin’s petition to legally change her last name back to her maiden name, and agreed that their union had been “irretrievably severed.”

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