Sylvester Stallone urged actors not to do their own stunts

Interview with Sylvester Stallone Sunday Times is wide-ranging and far-reaching and covers the actor’s many regrets over the years, including being an “absent father” to his children as a result of his career as a Hollywood superstar. But one interesting note came when Stallone spoke about what he considers the current state of action movies: The genre “changed radically when it became possible to zip up the muscles with Velcro,” Stallone said, before drawing the interviewer’s attention to the fusion scars on his neck. surgery, shoulder surgery and a total of five back surgeries.


“Don’t do your own stunts, that’s the moral,” Stallone said. But his advice is probably tongue-in-cheek as he went on to lament the lack of real action in today’s action movies. “But the special effects have become more important than the person. Life is a matter of controlling your ass,” Stallone said. “That’s why I’ve always been a fan of defeated fighters. Undefeated boxer? I do not care”.

Stallone may have his own opinions on modern action movies, but he’s also honest about the long-term effects real stunt work can have, especially once you hit the age of 70. And of course, with the release of The Expendables 4, Stallone hasn’t said goodbye to the action genre yet – even if he probably doesn’t do as many of his own stunts as he used to.

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