Cheryl Burke Dedicates Touching Message To All Her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partners As She Steps Down As Pro –

Cheryl Burke dedicates a touching message to all her dance partners. Dancing with the stars. The note came after the pro dancer announced that she was quitting the show after 26 seasons. “To all my dance partners who have played an important role in my life, thank you,” she wrote. Instagram. “Thank you for the … Read more

Sweet Moment Robbie Williams dedicates a song to a dedicated fan as the singer performs for the second straight night at the London O2

THAT was the sweet moment when Robbie Williams dedicated a song to a dedicated fan as he performed his second show in a row at London’s O2 Arena. Thousands of fans filled the stands as Robbie put on an unforgettable performance on Monday night. 5 A fan was delighted when Robbie Williams dedicated a song … Read more

Harvey McKay Dedicates His New Album Anatomy Of Drum Machine To His Friend David Ballmer

HARVEY McKAY is one of Scotland’s top techno exporters of the last decade and he continues to go from strength to strength with his new album Anatomy Of A Drum Machine. The long turntable is Harvey’s most accomplished work, but he goes back to basics in isolation, creating sounds entirely from raw analog synths from … Read more