EFA Announces Prize For Marco Bellocchio & Unveils First Awards Nominations; ‘Cop Secret’, ‘The Good Boss’ & ‘The Divide’ In The Running For Best Comedy

The European Film Academy will honor Italian director March Belluccio for his mini-series. Outdoor night December 10 at the 35th European Film Awards in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. The veteran filmmaker will receive the European Innovative Storytelling Award for the drama exploring the 1978 kidnapping and assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro … Read more

Why Fans Divide About Worf’s Character in Picard Season 3 Trailer NYCC 2022

In a moment of comedy from the trailer, Worf announces on the transporter platform, “You should know that I now prefer pacifism to combat,” to which Riker replies, “We’re all going to die.” It’s hard to tell how attuned Worf is to his new, pacifist lifestyle, as he clearly carries some kind of weapon on … Read more

Why ‘Supernatural’ Fans Divide About the Idea of ​​a Reboot

One of the Reddit posts about a possible Supernatural reboot presents the option of bringing the series back as an HBO-style show. Supernatural was a dark series that often pushed the boundaries of The CW. The violence can get intense, but never to the point where TV-14’s ratings are undermined. As some fans have pointed … Read more

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Fans Divide Over Howard’s FBI Background Check Fiasco

Fans posting on the Big Bang Theory subreddit have many mixed opinions about whether Howard should be just as mad at Sheldon, who ends up being the reason Howard didn’t get the permission he needed as he is. in the episode. “Is Howard right to be mad at Sheldon for the failed FBI background check?” … Read more