The jerk trick that made Johnny Knoxville fight dizzy

As the testosterone-fueled popularity of Freaks soared from the start, the daring actors had to constantly repeat previous stunts to prove they wouldn’t lose relevance anytime soon. Of course, this meant that as time went on, their own bodies were at greater risk. Johnny Knoxville’s stunt with then-boxing favorite Butterbean (Eric Ash) in the first … Read more

‘King of the Hill’ guest star who made Katie Najimy dizzy

In a 2008 interview with Jim Holterman of Futon Critic, Cathy Najimi, speaking about the guest stars of the 13th season of “King of the Hill”, admitted that she was particularly struck by William Devane. “Knots Landing’s William Devane is also involved and I have to tell you he’s as sexy as ever,” she said. … Read more