‘You Had A Job’: 44 Times People Saw Such Stupid Fails, They Just Had To Document Them (New Pics)

Whether we like it or not—and let’s be honest, usually not—making mistakes at work is inevitable. No employee enjoys showing the whole world, not to mention their boss, how badly they failed. But it happens, even to people who had just one, just one, simple task on their to-do list and still managed to screw … Read more

137 times people encountered a ‘perfect fit’ in real life and just had to document it

A coffee machine is filling a cup right to the brim. People’s belongings are neatly stacked in the mover’s truck like Tetris bricks. Even the world can be beautiful. As you may have guessed from our previous articles (one and two), the ‘Perfect Fit’ subreddit has plenty of examples to prove it. And on us … Read more

Dustin Lance Black ‘Mama’s Boy’ Document to Open – KristenBellTattoos.com

NewFest said Thursday that the upcoming HBO Sissydocumentary film about the life of the Oscar-winner Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, will be the opening film of the New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival. The festival, which also announced its full line-up, kicks off on October 13th. Laurent Bouzereau’s “Mama’s Boy” explores Black’s childhood roots, homosexual identity … Read more

FIFA+ and Other Companies Adopt Brazil 2002: The Real History Football Document – Summaries – KristenBellTattoos.com

Football document of FIFA+ and other licenses “Brazil 2002: the real story” World Football Streamer FIFA+ Purchases 90 Minute Feature Document Brazil 2002: The Real Story for territories including Asia (excluding Japan), Turkey and New Zealand through a deal with distributor Abacus Media Rights. The document was also sold to Canal+ Group for Canal+ Foot … Read more

Disney Greenlights Document on Nigerian Boy Made Famous for Viral Ballet Video – KristenBellTattoos.com

EXCLUSIVE: Disney Original Documentary today unveiled its next project, a feature documentary about Anthony Madu, a Nigerian boy who became a viral sensation after a video showed him dancing ballet barefoot on a rainy street outside of Lagos. Oscar nominee Matt Ogens and Kachi Benson will direct. Madou, which will follow the remarkable course of … Read more

Evgeniy Afineevsky about the Russian-Ukrainian document Freedom On Fire – KristenBellTattoos.com

Evgeny Afineevsky releases Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom in 2015, documenting last year’s Euromaidan protests in Kyiv, which led to the collapse of the pro-Russian government of Azarov and the ousting and expulsion of Putin ally Viktor Yanukovych from the presidency of Ukraine. Afineevsky returns to Venice this year with … Read more

Mission to Mars Heart Document – KristenBellTattoos.com

No documentary has ever won an Oscar for Best Picture. In fact, no documentary has ever been nominated. If ever there was possibility change those stats, at least in terms of nomination, it can be wonderful, emotional and uplifting good night oppie which transcends the genre to become a rich cinematic experience, sort of a … Read more

Armie Hammer looks unrecognizable in rare photo in front of new House of Hammer document on allegations of cannibals and sexual harassment

Armie Hammer appeared in a new photo looking completely different after a six-month stay in rehab. News broke last month that the actor had broken up with his girlfriend, Lisa Pereyma, but had yet to reconcile with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers. 5 ARMY looks unrecognizable in new selfieCredit: INSTAGRAM/HUGHIEMANN 5 He recently returned to California … Read more

40 Times Boston Home Inspectors Found Such Shocking Things During Their Work They Had to Document (New Photos)

We contacted the creator of the account and the founder of Boston Home Inspector, Inc., James Brock, who has seen a lot in his line of work. As a business, they are proud of their reputation for thoroughness. They believe that half-finding serves no one and they focus all their attention on identifying problems and … Read more