Nathalie Emmanuel and Thomas Doherty reminisce about how they took the pressure off the tense invitation scenes

Nathalie Emmanuel called the delicious-sounding way she and Thomas Doherty let off steam between takes: “We ate gummy bears.” The gummies were vegan because “I have a lot of vegan sweets,” she explained. “Our tents were often put together, and they were separated by a tree, and I passed them through a small gap [and] … Read more

‘Invitation and Legacy’ Actor Thomas Doherty Explains Why He Can’t Stay Away from Vampires

Thomas Doherty explained what drew him to such vampire roles as Sebastian in Legacy and Walter in The Invitation. “I grew up acting in theater and have always loved characters. I always feel like a character actor trapped in the body of the boy next door, which is very sad. That’s funny?” he said. Emmanuel … Read more

Nathalie Emmanuel and Thomas Doherty talk about inviting and rejuvenating the vampire genre

Most of your scenes together are quite intense. What was special about working together? And did you do anything between takes to blow off some steam? Emmanuel: We ate gummy bears. Doherty: They were amazing. Emmanuel: Well, vegan because I have a lot of vegan sweets. Doherty: They were so good. Emmanuel: Our tents were … Read more

Pete Doherty looks unrecognizable during a performance in Margate.

Pete Doherty was seen unrecognizably as he took to the stage this week for a concert in Margate. The Libertines singer appeared in a world far from his ’00s heyday, showing off his long gray good looks when he put on a show at an intimate concert alongside his co-frontman Karl Barat. four Pete looked … Read more

I kicked Kate Moss and armed cops broke into her house, but it was true love, says Pete Doherty.

HE was addicted to crack and heroin, once robbed a bandmate’s apartment, and spent time in jail more than once. Libertines lead singer Pete Doherty has lived a wild life, but he says things got crazier when he fell in love with supermodel Kate Moss. 6 Pete Doherty described his romance with Kate Moss as … Read more