The IRS froze my accounts due to a multi-million dollar tax debt.

Kanye West recently claimed he owed millions in taxes after the IRS blocked four of his bank accounts. The 45-year-old rapper “Heartless” claimed that his “financiers” told him he needed to “pay a lot of taxes” during the Monday, November 28 episode. Timcast IRL podcast. “I’m talking about literally finding out that they were trying … Read more

Paterson Joseph Boards Indie Drama ‘Bet Your Bottom Dollar’ –

EXCLUSIVE: Peterson Joseph (Wonka) has signed on to star alongside Cameron Ashplant and Mark Dorrit. Bet your bottom dollar. — a British indie drama in the narrative debut of documentary filmmaker Brandon Ashplant. Bet your bottom dollar. Follows a young British man, Jack (Cameron Ashplant), as he travels through southern France. As a result of … Read more

Enter the Ring with These Million Dollar Kids Facts

Paul Haggis’ script for Million Dollar Baby is based on a couple of short stories from Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner, written by Jerry Boyd under the pseudonym FX Toole in 2000. Boyd, in turn, may have been inspired by the tragic true story of boxer Cathy Dallam, according to article in NBC news. … Read more

Rihanna signs a multi-million dollar contract for a documentary about her life – you can watch it here

SHE has become something of an enigma in the six years since she last released an album. But Rihanna is finally getting ready to let fans take a peek behind the scenes by signing a huge deal with Apple to document her return to the scene in 2023. 7 Rihanna will deliver the biggest single … Read more

Where the original Power Rangers are now after Jason David Frank’s d*ath – from tragic car crash to ‘multi-million dollar fraud scandal’

The epic battles and cool characters of Power Rangers were a huge hit with the kids of the nineties. Fans were devastated yesterday after it was revealed that Jason David Frank had died at the age of 49, reportedly by suic*de. 9 Mixed martial arts expert and former Power Ranger Jason David Frank has died … Read more

Who was the first million dollar winner in the Price Right contest?

On the Primetime “The Price Is Right” The fans in attendance knew this was no ordinary daytime format as host Drew Carey walked out in a full tuxedo and confetti rained down from the ceiling. One of the participants that night was Adam Rose. Rose waited all night in the CBS parking lot to make … Read more

How Kanye West’s billion dollar empire is falling apart after the rap superstar made a series of nefarious anti-Semitic remarks

GAP and Adidas are the latest brands to cut ties with rapper Kanye West in response to his “hateful” and “unforgivable” anti-Semitic comments. Yesterday, the American clothing company announced that it was immediately removing the fashion designer’s Yeezy products from its stores and shutting down its associated website. 7 Outcast Kanye West was expelled by … Read more

British Pound Falls To Record Low Against The Dollar –

The British pound fell to an all-time low against the dollar as markets reacted to Britain’s biggest tax cuts in 50 years. The pound fell more than 4% to $1.0327 on Monday morning before stabilizing at around $1.06. The sharp slide came as trading opened in Asia and Australia, extending a nearly 2 percent drop … Read more

Discovery+’s ‘Million Dollar Wheels’ To Air On TNT –

Discovery+’s Million Dollar WheelsThe unscripted series exec produced by Jamie Foxx is getting a linear launch on sibling linear network TNT in the latest example of corporate synergy at Warner Bros. Discovery. The Propagate-produced series, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the cutthroat and elite world of celebrity luxury and supercar dealers, debuts Oct. 24 … Read more

Kanye West Wants to Close Billion Dollar Gap Deal –

“Everyone knows I’m the king,” Kanye West told CNBC today. Closing Call. “The king cannot live in someone else’s castle. The king must build his own castle.” That seems to be E’s goal right now, but first he wants to end the 10-year contract he signed in 2020 with Gap. It’s a significant move considering … Read more