Tina Arena’s poignant reference to Guy’s former manager Sebastian Titus Day

The glamorous Australian singer has provided rave reviews for the celebrity manager who embezzled over $600,000 from Guy Sebastian’s earnings, the court has learned. Titus Day is due to be convicted of defrauding the pop star and first Australian Idol winner after he was found guilty on multiple charges. During Friday’s sentencing hearing, the court … Read more

Prosecutors try to jail Titus Day for the third time

Former manager Guy Sebastian will have to wait a few more days before he knows if he will be jailed after a third attempt by prosecutors to jail him. Titus Day was found guilty by a New South Wales District Court by jury and found guilty on 34 counts, including embezzling over $620,000 from the … Read more

Guy Sebastian’s ex-manager Titus Day released on bail

Guy Sebastian’s former manager has been released on bail despite being found guilty of embezzling money from a pop star. That’s why. A NSW Supreme Court judge has explained why former manager Guy Sebastian has been released on bail while he awaits sentencing. Last month, Titus Day was found guilty of embezzling $620,000 from a … Read more

Guy Sebastian called ‘evasive’ at Titus Day trial

Guy Sebastian was “evasive” in his testimony, and some of the arguments made in his former manager’s trial should be ignored, the court was told. Guy Sebastian acted evasively when he testified in his former manager’s embezzlement case, and parts of the prosecutor’s closing appeal to the jury should be ignored, the court was told. … Read more