Hobart Stadium: Visionary new proposal could bring Tasmanian AFL team and big gigs to the state

The proposed new state-of-the-art Hobart Stadium on the city’s famous waterfront could revolutionize the city’s identity. For a state like Tasmania, rich in culture, history and pride, a place capable of hosting some of the world’s biggest attractions can do wonders for an often overlooked state. The $750 million project has been billed as the … Read more

Spotify and Apple Music asked to remove Kanye’s music after anti-Semitic comments

The Anti-Defamation Commission is demanding that the Australian divisions of Spotify and Apple Music stop streaming Kanye West’s music. Dr Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Melbourne-based non-profit, told news.com.au that he would write to the streaming giants asking them to remove the rapper from their platforms. This came after West, who officially changed his name … Read more

John Barilaro’s issue resolved with a patent for the last letters in the name of the Queen

One of the last letters issued to Queen Elizabeth II played a role in the saga of John Barilaro’s appointment as New South Wales Trade Representative in New York. An unlikely connection between the late Queen and a former Deputy Prime Minister of New South Wales was established when Prime Minister Dominic Perrotte used a … Read more

Jess Rowe spoke about the “resentment” at Karl Stefanovich

Australian TV presenter Jess Rowe makes a surprising revelation in the latest episode of her podcast, speaking candidly about the “bitterness and resentment” she’s felt over the years towards her former TV colleague Karl Stefanovich. In fact, she says those feelings were only put to rest last year, after Stefanovic issued a public apology to … Read more

Tonight host Ellie Langdon roasts new NSW Liberal deputy leader Matt Keane.

Newly appointed NSW Liberal deputy leader Matt Keane was attacked by Today presenter Ellie Langdon, who criticized the party for “learning nothing”. Treasurer Keane took office unopposed Tuesday after Commerce Secretary Stuart Ayres resigned from his cabinet last week over a row with New York Trade Commissioner John Barilaro. Speaking on Nine Wednesday morning, Mr. … Read more

2GB’s Ben Fordham accuses the NSW government of ‘covering up’ John Barilaro’s appointment in New York

The radio host has criticized a pair of New South Wales politicians involved in the scandal surrounding the appointment of a former state vice premier to a prestigious job in New York. Prime Minister Dominic Perrotte and Commerce Secretary Stuart Ayres have been accused of “cover-up” by 2GB host Ben Fordham after documents emerged contradicting … Read more