68 Dos and Don’ts Shared by Subway Employees (New Photos)

Not all heroes wear capes, and no one exemplifies that more than the brave souls at your local fast food joint. The job itself is essentially a blessing and a curse where employees try to navigate the complex world of customer service with a cheerful smile. Long hours, low pay, and slow management make it … Read more

Grandma Shares Her Best “Dos And Don’ts Of Pumpkin Carving”, Goes Viral

How have you been celebrating spooky season? Candlelit strolls through cemeteries after midnight? Binging horror films with countless glasses of apple cider? Picking out the perfect costume for your Halloweekend parties? Or perhaps taking a trip to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect vessel for your next jack-o-lantern? Pumpkin carving is one of … Read more