Queen Elizabeth II was “exceptionally hard hit” by the loss of a corgi in 2018.

Queen Elizabeth II has owned and loved over 30 Corgis since her family got their first companion in 1933 when the then princess was just 7 years old. The late monarch’s last pair of corgis, Sandy and Muik, were by her side when she died at Balmoral Castle on September 8. The Queen’s cause of … Read more

Love in the Villa is another mediocre Netflix rom-com.

Let’s take a look at the Netflix rom-com. Typically cheap to produce, often indistinguishable, and almost always forgotten, Netflix’s rom-com has become a genre in its own right. The streaming platform has noticed an appetite for light-hearted, escapist rom-coms and is more than happy to fulfill those desires, no matter how fleeting they may be. … Read more

The Sandman: Netflix’s glossy adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved story.

In a story filled with magical and fantasy elements, it’s only fitting that the streaming adaptation of The Sandman is something of a marvel. Mount attempts Sandman, based on the hugely beloved Neil Gaiman comics, has been going on since the early 1990s. He went through so many stages of development that he became like … Read more

Uncut neighbors: what the stars really did

Four decades and nearly 9,000 episodes later, one of Australia’s favorite villains is throwing mud and sometimes good, and the cult soap series Neighbors is coming to an end. It was December 1984 when the then obscure Stefan Dennis stepped up to the sprawling Neighbors movies to take Paul Robinson’s place in high heels. Four … Read more