Director Paul Feig thinks Melissa McCarthy swears as an artist

November 14, 2022 Paul Feig was a guest on “About Last Night” podcast hosted by Adam Ray.. During the conversation, they broached the subject of Heat, a film directed by Feig and Ray starring as Hank Lesoir alongside Melissa McCarthy as Shannon Mullins. From there, they moved on to the topic of swearing, since, like … Read more

Paul Feig talks about why he chooses genre-breaking projects

Comedy is about subverting audience expectations. They expect one thing to happen, and when something else happens, it can cause laughter. This is an important reason why director Paul Feig has mostly worked in his comedy genres over the years. “Spy” is, of course, a parody of spy thrillers, while “Heat” makes fun of police … Read more

What ‘School for Good and Evil’ director Paul Feig hopes fans will take away from the film

The book and movie may be called The School for Good and Evil, but as fans will soon find out, not everything in this world is so black and white. Not everyone can be so clearly divided into such paradigms as “good” and “evil”, and the characters of the film will soon find out. They … Read more

Paul Feig details the creation of the “School for Good and Evil”

When did you first encounter the book that the movie was based on? To be honest, it was after I read the script. The script was sent to me from Netflix over two and a half years ago, almost three years ago, and I fell in love with the story. I’m always looking for great … Read more

‘The School For Good And Evil’s Paul Feig Honored At Newport Film Festival –

Paul Feig, the director of such mega-hits Bridegroom, Detective, The Hat, Ghostbusters And A simple favorhas joined the fairy tale genre with School for good and badwhich hit Netflix this week. On Wednesday evening, Feig attended the Newport Beach Film Festival, where he was honored with the Career Achievement Award. Ahead of a special screening … Read more