John Fetterman Projected To Defeat Dr. Oz In Hotly Contested U.S. Senate Race In Pennsylvania –

John Fetterman was expected to defeat Republican celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz in the race for a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania, in one of the costliest and most closely watched midterm contests of the cycle. NBC News and Fox News predicted that Fetterman would win the race. His win flipped a Senate seat to Democrats, … Read more

Oprah Winfrey Backs John Fetterman Over Dr. Oz In Senate Race –

Mehmet Oz, who is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania, got a big boost in his TV career from Oprah Winfrey. But she is not supporting his political ambitions. Winfrey said she would support her opponent, John Fetterman, if she lived in Pennsylvania. With the midterms just days away, Winfrey said there were “a lot … Read more

John Fetterman And Dr. Oz Meet For Their Only Debate In Hotly Contested Midterm Senate Race –

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and TV personality Mehmet Oz met for their only pre-election debate in what was perhaps the most closely watched matchup of all the U.S. Senate candidates this midterm. As high as the stakes were, as viewers were reminded that his race could determine who controls the upper house, the debate … Read more

John Fetterman Mocks Dr. Oz With ‘Simpsons’ Parody; Disney Didn’t Authorize Character Usage

De Oh Pennsylvania’s no-holds-barred Senate race has gone all over Springfield, and Disney might not be too happy about it. The election battle between Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman for the Keystone State’s vacant upper house seat has been as high-profile and down-the-ballot as any midterm contest in recent years. and now, The Simpsons … Read more