Netflix Orders Doc About Bong Joon Ho’s Unreleased First Short Film –

Netflix has confirmed production of the documentary, Yellow Door: Looking for an unreleased short film by director Bong. (working title), exploring the back story Parasitic Director Bong Joon-ho’s first short film, seen by only ten people. While many believe that Bong’s 1994 short white man It was his first production, the Doctor reveals, his first … Read more

French Film Actress Known Was 87 –

Mylene Demongeot, whose career spanned 70 years in French and British cinema, died today at the age of 87 in a Paris hospital. No cause of d*ath was given. Demongeot was best known for the comics in France, including two trilogies that appeared half a century apart. Fantomas In the 1960s films and Camping in … Read more

Les Arcs Film Festival unveils 2022 Works In-Progress Selection –

France’s Les Arcs film festival has unveiled 15 European feature film projects that will be presented in its Works in Progress showcase as part of its industry program running from December 1-10. Selected projects were selected from 160 submissions this year. Included in the line-up. Rosa SperanzaItalian director Inarita Zambrano’s second film, his first feature. … Read more

Will Smith In Antoine Fuqua’s Film About “Whipped Peter” –

“Whipped Peter” spent 10 days traveling through alligator- and insect-infested Louisiana swamps to join the Union Army after escaping from the Lyons plantation in Louisiana. During his medical examination, onlookers were shocked to see raised scars on his back caused by constant whippings. When war photographers took a picture of his back, and shared it … Read more

What Happened to the ‘Love Actually’ Cast – Daniel Craig Romance, Bankruptcy, Tragic Death and ‘S*xy and S*xist’ Film Speeches

With a love triangle, a fling, and doomed romances, who could have imagined that Love Actually would become such a cult Christmas movie? But the holiday film brings Britons across the country together, and every year millions of us gather around TV screens to watch it. 12 Several cast members, including Emma Thompson, recently reunited … Read more

Cocaine Bear to be Ray Liotta’s last feature film

The first poster for the movie Cocaine Bear has been released. Twitterand got fans talking about the upcoming movie, which will be the last screen role of the great actor Ray Liotta. Diversity announced that he had wrapped filming on the Apple TV+ series Blackbird, which premiered on July 8, 2022, and that Cocaine Bear … Read more

Hollywood is preparing to tell another story about itself in the trailer of the star film “Babylon”

Margot Robbie and Diego Calva play Nellie LaRoy and Manny Torres respectively, two wildly ambitious performers on a mission to change their lives in Hollywood. They stumble upon Brad Pitt’s Jack Conrad, who seeks to help the duo achieve their dreams through his own sinister plans. While Hollywood glamor and incredible opulence create God-complexes amid … Read more

Goodnight Oppie Surprise Film About Two Real-Life Mars Rovers

“Goodnight Oppie” is a film that tells the story of how the Mars exploration rover Opportunity (nicknamed “Oppy” by the NASA team) survived almost 15 years on the surface of Mars, despite being expected to last only 90 days. Renowned documentary filmmaker Ryan White has breathed new life into this planet-traveling robotic explorer, turning him … Read more

Indian Film Biz Needs To Focus On Story Not Scale Say IFFI Panelists  –

A group of leading Indian filmmakers and producers at a panel at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa discussed strategies to bring local audiences back to theaters following the massive growth in OTT consumption in India. Vivek Krishnani, CEO of IN10 Media Network and former head of Sony India, said, “These platforms … Read more

Iran’s Reza Dormishian Prevented From Travel To India Film Festival –

Reza Dormishian, Iranian filmmaker and producer of Dariush Mehrjoi A minorwhich is set for its world premiere at the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, has not been granted permission to leave Iran, hence unable to attend the event. Dermisian’s passport was confiscated at the airport and he was sent to court … Read more