How long after the series finale “Criminal Minds” does Criminal Minds: Evolution take place?

Criminal Minds: Evolution is a significant leap forward in the Criminal Minds timeline, with its first episode taking place three years after the original show’s series finale (via AV club). The gap resembles the actual amount of time elapsed between two productions. Criminal Minds Season 15 concluded with its February 2020 finale, while Criminal Minds: … Read more

Andor’s season finale has a fun easter egg for those who are fluent in Aurebesh

Warning: Spoilers for the Andor season finale. The “blink and skip” Easter egg appears just before the midpoint mark for the season finale. As the people of Ferrix prepare for Maarwa’s (Fiona Shaw) funeral, fans catch a glimpse of some people dressing in ceremonial robes and warming up their instruments. We then see a group … Read more

Selma Blair performed at the finale of “Dancing with the Stars”

triumphant return. Selma Blair completed during Dancing with the Stars season 31 finale after leaving the show early due to health issues amid her battle with multiple sclerosis. She had time to rest and she had time to heal. She’s healthy enough to make that dream come true tonight for you.” – Co-host Tyra Banks … Read more

The finale of The Walking Dead caused serious emotions among fans

On the r/walking dead subreddit, fans stopped by to sympathize with the end of their favorite series and share the many emotions that the ending of The Walking Dead evoked in them. “Did they kill the actor for real and film the reaction, or was everyone taking crying lessons?” wrote u/burner4internet in the top comment, … Read more

The return of two big characters in The Walking Dead series finale has fans going crazy

In the final episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Rest in Peace”, the fearless survivors make some moving speeches and put an end to the Commonwealth, which has used protection and security as a means to disguise its oppression and tyranny. However, during The Walking Dead epilogue, both Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick show up, … Read more

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 24 Recap: The Finale Arrives

Unfortunately, Pamela Milton’s (Lyla Robins) squads kill anyone who tries to climb over the fence, separating the estates from the lower chambers. Mercer vows to protect these innocents and tells the gang that the gas is enough to get them home to Alexandria. He says that these people are not the problem of the Alexandrian … Read more

The Walking Dead series finale: showrunner explains why [Spoiler] Returns why [Spoiler] Stamps and more

WARNING: GO SPOILERS! DO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW! Walking Dead officially ended…the original series, that is. The series finale aired tonight and fans got their burning questions answered. There were a few surprises in the final episode, and showrunner Scott Gimple talked about all of them in multiple interviews. Click inside … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Resurrects Dead Characters For Ads Produced By Ryan Reynolds‘ Maximum Effort And AMC Networks‘ Content Room, With Help From Kimmelot

capitalizing on the expected massive tune-in for tonight’s finale. the walking Deada handful of commercials featuring characters dying during the show’s 11 seasons have given fans a reason not to watch during commercial breaks. The initiative to resurrect the four characters was coordinated by Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort and AMC Networks’ content room for ads … Read more

SVU season finale promo could tell us a lot about Amanda Rollins’ future

To promote the next episode of the 24th season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, CBS drops video package. Not only is this a celebration of Amanda Rollins Kelly Giddish’s 12-year tenure, but it’s also a hint of what her latest episode will entail. Although the images are short, we can clearly see her … Read more

AHS fans have some mind blowing theories about what Big Daddy represents after the finale

As previously mentioned, in American Horror Story: New York, Big Daddy appears and disappears frequently, seemingly at will. While most of the time he just appears anonymously in the background without much response, there are times when he physically att*cks people, such as when he kills Barbara (Leslie Grossman), att*cks Patrick twice, and blows up … Read more