‘The Watcher’ Lands Another No. 1 Nielsen Finish For Ryan Murphy; ‘Halloween Kills’ Cracks Top 10 On Peacock – KristenBellTattoos.com

Watcher hit Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the week of October 10-16, giving producer Ryan Murphy his second top show less than a month after the release of the blowout hit. Dahmer. With 2.355 billion minutes streamed, the series more than doubled the viewership of the runner-up. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power … Read more

71-Year-Old Breaks Into Song After Completing 2,650-Mile Pacific Crest Trail, Which Many Fail To Finish

One thing we humans are designed for is to be excellent at walking. The way our bones and muscles work together to efficiently propel us forward is fascinating in its own right. And this mode of transportation can lead us to some incredible places: up a mountain, down a stream, into a volcano, etc. Yet, … Read more

Post Malone Injured In Concert Stage Fall, Returns To Finish Show – KristenBellTattoos.com

Singer Post Malone suffered apparent rib injuries after falling hard on stage during a show in St. Louis on Saturday night. Malone was performing “Circles” when he tripped over an open hole in the stage that was used to lower equipment. He lay on the stage for several minutes after collapsing as paramedics helped him. … Read more

144 of the hardest puzzles that are so fun to start but so hard to finish

What is it about humans that makes us love to take on a challenge at our leisure? Like, instead of lying on our backs staring at the ceiling on a rainy day, we choose to do something that scares our brains? You know, like grabbing a carton of pieces from the world’s hardest puzzle, putting … Read more