ABC reveals 2023 advances, Lee Sales to host Australian Story

Lee Sales has announced that she will return to TV screens in 2023 as the host of the Australian story. The sales would be only the second highest in program history, after Caroline Jones. Sales honored following Jones, who died in May of this year. Sales said:Australian history is one of the most beloved programs … Read more

Narelda Jacobs burst into tears at Studio 10 over the alleged m*rder of Cassius Turvey.

WARNING to Indigenous readers: This story contains an image of a deceased person. Studio 10 star Narelda Jacobs spoke through tears on Monday, reporting on the alleged m*rder of schoolchild and beloved community member Cassius Turvey, 15, who died Oct. 23 after severe head injuries from a metal pipe. Jacobs, a proud Wajuk-Nungar woman from … Read more

Shock when Eddie McGuire anchors the Melbourne Cup on Channel 10

Viewers who tuned in to Channel 10’s Melbourne Cup coverage were shocked to see Eddie McGuire leading the station’s charging. McGuire is best known as a Channel 9 host. Millionaire’s hot seat as well as A cloudy secrettherefore, so many viewers were surprised to see him reporting on the rival network’s Melbourne Cup. While some … Read more

Walid Ali Calls For Indigenous Elder To Replace King Charles

Walid Ali called for the overthrow of the monarchy in Australia and its replacement by an elder as head of state. Just three days after the funeral of the queen, who has been a monarch for 70 years, and as Australia marked her life with a public holiday, Ali said it was time for a … Read more

Meghan Markle’s Nelson Mandela Statement Reveals Major Celebrity Problem

If campaigns had coroners, there would be one recurring discovery that would overshadow all others: the death of a celebrity. There’s almost no reason, no matter how worthy, that can’t be made sickening or powerless by the loud endorsement of an A-list star or second-tier royal. In Australia, we learned about this when the Gillard … Read more

The Government of New South Wales announces a route along Sydney Harbor and the Parramatta River.

An unusual plan of a walkway from the Sydney Opera House to Parramatta has been revealed. The Sydney Opera House and Parramatta Park will be combined in an ambitious new waterfront project. The state government announced on Friday that it will invest $60 million from the state budget next week to build a 91km continuous … Read more

Anthony Albanese appoints Matt Thistlethwaite as Assistant Secretary of State for the Republic

The appointment of Mr. Albanese to the Cabinet has raised eyebrows as an important decision may be coming soon. Rumors are growing that Anthony Albanese may call a referendum on the future of the royal family in Australia after quietly appointing him to his cabinet. The new Prime Minister has appointed Matt Thistlethwaite as Assistant … Read more