Strictly in the “underestimation” series, as fans fear for the show’s favorite, despite rave reviews.

SSTRICTLY Come Dancing found itself embroiled in “underplay” due to the fan favorite falling short of expectations. The BBC’s flagship series, which aired live on Friday this week, took center stage during a tense quarter-final. 6 ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fans blew up the show as fan favorite was ‘underrated’1 credit 6 Popular BBC photographer … Read more

Fans rave about Indiana Jones and possible wink at Han Solo from Dial Of Destiny

In a fraction of a second, the cutscene shows the pilot looking out a round window with distinctive circles of varying sizes. Of course, if you’re a fan of Harrison Ford, it’s got you thinking about his other role as pilot Han Solo looking out the window of his beloved Millennium Falcon. The image of … Read more

Fans rave about new Cocaine Bear poster

The slogan speaks for itself. Published on the official website of “Cocaine Bear” Twitter page, the poster shows a bear drenched in white power with the slogan “Join in line”. Whatever this movie turned out to be, it’s safe to say that the marketing department has a sense of humor. Fans on Reddit rallied around … Read more

‘Blue Bloods’ fans rave about Abigail’s standout storyline in Season 13 Episode 5

While Abigail is relieved to see her assailant apprehended after she was att*cked in season 11, the final episode forces her to confront old fears. The latest episode titled “Facade,” follows Abigail as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that her att*cker could get a reduced sentence because he is willing to … Read more

Fans rave about Stella and Severide teaming up in Chicago fire Season 11 Episode 6

An explosion at a jewelry store looks suspicious enough to trigger an investigation into the arson of Firehouse 51. Kelly Severide takes the case first, and after some persuasion, Stella Kidd becomes his partner. Frankly, Stella’s assumption that she’s good at arson investigation isn’t very convincing. But that doesn’t stop Severide from agreeing to let … Read more

Fans rave about Aubrey Plaza joining MCU in WandaVision spin-off Agatha: Chaos Coven

Other commenters were quick to point out that this isn’t the first time the Plaza has been in the Marvel block. Plaza played the Shadow King, the main antagonist in the FX series Legion directed by Noah Hawley. While not technically considered part of the MCU, the show reimagined its titular Marvel mutant anti-hero in … Read more

Atlanta fans rave about the show’s bold move in season 4, episode 8

Even by Atlanta’s high standards, when it comes to tapping into American pop culture, what writers Francesca Sloan and Karen Joseph Adcock and director Donald Glover achieved in The Dunce Who Sat at the Door was something else. There are only two parts of the entire show left, and in Season 4 Season 8, the … Read more

Fans rave about subtle allusion to relationship between Hannah and Adam in episode 3 of AHS: NYC

While all the victims of the bar fire are being treated at the hospital, Hannah sees Adam tied to the bed and her first reaction is “Jesus, you were on fire!” She quickly unties him, and he asks why she is here, since she does not work there. It is clear that they are well … Read more

‘Blue Bloods’ fans rave about heartbreak conversation over dinner in Season 13, Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Season 13, “Ghost,” Eddie (Vanessa Rae) – a relatively new addition to the Sunday lunch lineup, at least by Reagan standards – asks his new family a question. “Who is the person who broke your heart and how did you react?” The Reagans take turns recalling their past sorrows. Eddie and … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’ fans rave about Carol and Daryl bonding after Season 11 Episode 20

Fans couldn’t get enough of how clear and obvious Carol and Daryl supported each other during What Was Lost. “Seeing how far Carol has gone with the story brings me to tears. Daryl is the best thing that happened in her life,” he said. @ZaiNeganCaryl. The complete competence of these two amazed the public. “Daryl … Read more