Pop star Rita Ora called the world’s obsession with her personal life s*xist.

She’s a pop star who’s as famous for her multiple boyfriends as she is for her music, but now Rita Ora has called the constant focus on her personal life “s*xist.” Before marrying film director Taika Waititi this summer, she dated music stars, actors, and TV hosts. And Ora, 32, says a man’s career will … Read more

Pamela Anderson, Pam and Tommy: Baywatch star discusses Hollywood, stardom | Star

Stellar: You’ve said before, “I’ve been doing crazy things all my life, and now I’m not going to stop.” Why is it important to be a free spirit? Pamela Anderson: I’ve always admired original thinkers, I don’t like to follow trends – I set them! I prefer to just get into that part of your … Read more

The Infinity War of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Next month it will be six years since Angelina Jolie shocked the world by filing for divorce from Brad Pitt. But despite officially declaring themselves single in 2019, the exes are still no closer to reaching a custody agreement for their children, even as they reach college age. “It looks like Angelina has decided that … Read more

Voice coach Guy Sebastian’s epic legal battle with Titus Day continues

Guy Sebastian’s messy legal battle with his former manager has given fans a front row seat for a breakup more extreme than most. From allegations of slashed tires, voicemail threats and headbutts, to insults against “fat” women and details of huge performance payoffs, Guy Sebastian’s sordid legal showdown with his former manager has given fans … Read more