Aaron Carter’s Final Project, Indie Sitcom Pilot ‘Group’ To Move Forward – KristenBellTattoos.com

A month before Aaron Carter’s sudden d*ath on Saturday, the rapper-singer-actor was filming an independent sitcom pilot titled The group With the blessing of Carter’s administration, the filmmakers plan to complete the project in his honor. Currently in post-production, The group It will be bought to the networks when finished, and will be dedicated to … Read more

Blockbuster TV show: twisted irony in new Netflix sitcom

Who remembers the regular trips to the video store, wandering down the aisles and then trying to balance out their $7 seven weeks by praying that the jenga tower wouldn’t collapse on the way back to the car? The video store, once a staple of every suburb, is now on the brink of extinction. There … Read more

Sitcom legend Tony Danza is watching the second season of And Just So…

Term has officially announced that Tony Danza will be joining the cast of the S*x and the City sequel And Just So… for the show’s second season. Based on hints from the season finale, Danza may be playing a version of himself now starring in the sitcom Che (Sarah Ramirez) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) as … Read more

The 1949 sitcom is considered Paul Newman’s first screen appearance.

According to IMDb, Paul Newman’s first credit was an occasional actor on the sitcom The Aldrich Family, which aired on NBC from 1949 to 1953. The series was based on the popular radio show of the same name and followed a middle-class American family living on Elm Street in Centerville. The main focus of the … Read more

Jaleel White was very close to joining this classic sitcom before family matters

During the 2017 Family Matters reunion hosted by Entertainment WeeklyJalil White has revealed that he auditioned for the role of Rudy on The Cosby Show in 1984, a role that eventually went to Keshia Knight Pulliam, once the production decided that the character could be a girl. “My agent was told that they had pretty … Read more

Forgotten sitcom spin-offs based on popular comedy films

The low-budget indie comedy that became the most talked about movie of 2002, My Big Fat Greek Wedding unexpectedly became a blockbuster and one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of all time (according to Entertainment Weekly). Written and starring Nia Vardalos, the film features an ensemble cast that includes Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, John Corbett … Read more

Canadian sitcom is considered the first appearance of Keanu Reeves on the screen

“Hanging” ran from 1981 to 1987, running for seven seasons and a staggering 110 episodes. The show focused on counseling center employees who are trying to solve problems that different young people face. One such problem child, referred to as the “teenage client”, was played by a young Keanu Reeves who appeared in a single … Read more

Why Full House fans say it’s not just a crappy, enjoyable sitcom

On Reddit, a thread created you/beekee404 saw many viewers agree that “Full House” is not just “cheesy nonsense”. This user said, “Just because it’s not a lewd or dark show like Roseanne doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and sunshine.” Over the course of eight seasons, the series tackles serious real-life issues. This is true from … Read more

Why Some Sitcom Fans Think Seinfeld Is Completely Overrated

As some of the aforementioned commentators have pointed out, the viewer currently watching Seinfeld may not be as inclined to enjoy it because its humor hasn’t aged. Not only is this something the fans were thinking, but it makes sense that some of the people who worked on the show would also think of this … Read more

‘Friends’ creator ’embarrassed’ by big flaw in popular ’90s sitcom

After years of backlash, the Friends creator has finally apologized for the sitcom’s controversial issue, promising nearly $6 million in apologies. Friends has long been criticized for its lack of diversity, but co-creator Martha Kaufman is finally ready to admit her failure – with a $4 million apology. Kaufman, 65, struggled at first to understand … Read more