Boy shares how he skipped his girlfriend’s gay brother’s wedding because he decided to wear white.

Wedding ceremonies continue to evolve as new trends emerge and become part of tradition. However, one rule of thumb remains: wearing white is probably one of the most notorious and long-lasting social blunders a guest can make. After all, a wedding should be a day when all eyes are on the happy couple, and no … Read more

Nick Carter skipped BSB interview after Aaron Carter’s d*ath

Nick Carter with Aaron Carter inset. Shutterstock (2) I’m taking a break. Nick Carter missed an appearance with the Backstreet Boys after the d*ath of his younger brother Aaron Carter. The boy band was scheduled as guests on the Friday 11 November edition of the British talk show. This morning to talk about their new … Read more

Chris Evans ‘very quickly’ skipped the role of Captain America after his time in the MCU ended

Fans hoping that Evans’ appreciation for his MCU days will spark his return to the role of Captain America shouldn’t hold their breath. Shortly after it was announced that a fourth film in the franchise, now titled Captain America: The New World Order, was in development, The Hollywood Reporter speculated that both Evans and former … Read more