Ghislaine Maxwell reveals how an inmate planned to kill her while she slept

Ghislaine Maxwell recounted how an inmate plotted to kill her while she slept in her prison bed. In her first interview since her conviction, Maxwell, 60, says she has been in New York City’s notorious metropolitan detention center since her arrest in July 2020. She says: “There was a woman who threatened to act in … Read more

Celebrities who slept with their ex’s best friend, including the Hollywood star who left her fiancee for her girlfriend on her wedding day

It’s an unspoken rule that you don’t date your best friend’s ex, but these celebrities obviously didn’t get the note. Phil Vickery was caught kissing his ex-wife Fern Britton’s girlfriend Lorraine Stanton last week. twenty Phil Vickery and Fern Britton have been married for 20 years.1 credit twenty But now he is dating Fern’s girlfriend … Read more

A woman wears a red dress to a cousin’s wedding to show that she has previously slept with the groom, but the bride leaves her behind.

No matter what, family always has your back. Except when they don’t. Just a few days ago, a now-deleted Reddit user submitted A story about her marriage to the ‘True of My Chest’ community, which invites people to speak their minds when no one else will listen. In it, the woman explains that her cousin … Read more

Jennifer Coolidge admits she slept with 200 people

Jennifer Coolidge, best known for her role as Stifler’s mom in American Pieadmitted that she received a lot of “sex attraction” from men because of the role. Jennifer Coolidge has always been an icon. by using Getty Images And it seems like her role as Stifler’s mom has had a pretty big impact on her … Read more

Where the cast of ‘American Pie’ now goes from ‘MILF’ star who slept with 200 fans to poker pro and unrecognizable beauty

As far as coming-of-age dramas go, few can match the cult classic American Pie. A 1990s teen movie about the hilarious lives of a group of high school students who vow to lose their virginity before graduation was a huge commercial success. eleven American Pie is one of the most popular teen movies of all … Read more